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Hi there! My name is Sarah, 30 from the land of Liverpool. Not so long ago I became a graduate of media communications and creative writing. A little after that, I got my hands on a Masters in writing studies. Yeah, I don't know how that happened either. I eat cake. Lots of it. I carry emergency tea bags around in my bag. I love dining out and staying in hotels. I'm a born bookworm who loves a good cocktail and steak. I have a thing for skin care, and an obsession with Disney.  I also have this thing where I point blank refuse to eat the middle of a tomato.

This little blog of mine started out as travel blog for holidays to Walt Disney World, but, wanting to give my creative juices more room to flow, I became a beauty, food lifestyle focused bloggette. Saloca in Wonderland gives me a platform for expressing my creativity, thoughts and sharing my adventures through life.

I balance blogging with a full-time job in the NHS, spending time with friends, family and watching too much Netflix. I have a wonderful Man who skips through the Albert Docks with me.

I love to talk so why not get in touch with me on; salocainwonderland@gmail.com or click here!

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