Monday, 4 March 2019

February 2019 - Moments and Highlights

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Hello March! Hello Spring! Hello sunshine! I don’t know about you but I am fed up of cold, dark mornings, dreary grey evenings and wanting to do nothing more than hibernate on the couch and wait for this whole winter business to blow over. Damn am I excited to see some sunshine!

February was a bit of a funny month, as it feels like a lot happened, but not a lot to talk about. The Mr had surgery back at the beginning of the month, so we’ve pretty much spent the past 4 weeks dealing with that! We had a few hairy moments, but he’s doing really well now and everything looks to be on the up. But It’s meant we have pretty much spent the month at home. 

So I’m going to say Game of Thrones has hands down, been a huge highlight of the month haha! With the next and final season on it’s way in April, I really wanted to re-watch all of the previous seasons so that everything was fresh in my mind. I’ve been blown away by how different this re-watch has been. I’m falling in love with characters I used to have no time for (Sansa is now my bae) and developing some serious on the verge of tears kinda love for characters I once upon a time just liked….Oh Clegane! You complicated hero you! After all, isn’t binging on box sets what sick days are for? 

I’ve also discovered bridge8 who does some amazing Thrones theory videos on YT that have really shook up my rewatch and given my own theories a run for their money. Damn, I have chills just thinking about it all coming to an end!

the liverpool wheel #liverpool #nwbloggers #exploreliverpool

Having to get away from the TV every now and again for something other than work, I did have a fabulous afternoon out on the Albert Dock, Liverpool. I explored the British Music Experience after it being recommended by a friend, the highlight of which had to be badly attempting to play an electric guitar! I was crap, but it was so fun giving something new a try! We also went for a ride on The Liverpool Wheel. I’ve been walking past this beauty for years now on a weekly basis and finally got into one of those gondolas to see what it was all about!

mob kitchen vegetarian halloumi curry #halloumi #vegetariandishes #mobkitchen

Speaking of food, I have been in the kitchen more than ever this month! I’ve been on a real from scratch kick thanks to discovering Mob Kitchen. For those that don’t know, its a cracking website that offers straight forward, good tasting recipes that will feed 4 for under £10. The ingredients are simple, cheap, easy to find, and the recipes don’t take long to whip up at all. All the food so far has been hearty, filling and full of flavour. I’m slowly working my way through all their veggie meals and the Mr hasn’t missed having meat in any of them! The creepy halloumi curry above has been one of the biggest flavour successes so far from Mob!

We had one disaster of a meal, it smelt and looked delicious but it was far spicier than I expected and neither of us could eat it! Which is saying something as we can handle our heat! Mob Kitchen has got me back in the kitchen and no matter what the day at work has been like, I’ve really looked forward to coming home and cooking for the first time in what feels like an age! And when it goes wrong? That’s what I keep emergency fish fingers in the freezer for!

best toner for oily skin skin toner #skincare #skincaretips #oilyskincare

When it comes to skincare, I tried a little DIY this past month by making my own toner/essence. Meh, it half worked at least. I made a chamomile toner with lavender and tea tree essential oils. It was okay but after a few days, my skin took a real dislike to it, which was annoying. It’s all trial and error! I ended up buying the Sukin toner for a fiver off Amazon, a mixture of chamomile and rose water and my skin has been drinking that up! It also comes in the perfect spray bottle for my 7 skin method routine! 

northern soap deep facial cleanser for oily skin #oilyskin #skincaretips #skincareroutine

Another product I have been loving this month is the Northern Soap for deep facial cleansing. It’s a charcoal based soap that draws impurities out from the skin. If you love squeaky clean skin and the smell of bakewell tarts this is the cleanser for you! I’ve been using it around once a week since Christmas and it’s an absolute treat! 

Last but not least, I finally got myself a Jade roller. Okay, so I’m questioning it’s actual jade-ness as it was only £15 on Amazon, and one of the rollers doesn’t actually roll but as a tentative step into rolling at an affordable price point, it’s doing just the job! It’s so cooling to the skin and I love using it when it comes to sheet masks for really getting the juice of the mask into the deeper layers of the skin. It’s taken my skincare from routine to ritual

That pretty much sums up February folks, Thrones, food and facial rolling, what more could you ask for?

How was your February?

Until next time, 


  1. I'm glad to hear he is better after the operation. Well done for starting cooking again. x

  2. Ah so glad Mr is on the mend. I am heading over to MOB Kitchen now, it sounds right up my street. xx