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*6 easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint today!

easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home


We’re all trying really hard these days to reduce the footprint we make on our beloved planet. From eco friendly beauty to reusable lunch boxes and silicone food bags for leftovers, every little swap we make, adds up to something much much bigger in the grand scheme of things. We’re all playing our part towards zero waste lifestyles and a greener future for generations to come. When it comes to our carbon footprint there’s a few, simple and effective changes we can make together to reduce it!

From changing out our lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones to replacing old boilers with brand new energy efficient ones that the likes of Viessmann offer, there are changes both big and small we can all look at making in all areas of our lives!

What is a carbon footprint?

A carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gasses that are produced in order for you to have, live, or travel in certain ways. Anything that requires a fossil fuel to power it in order for you to do or have a certain thing creates your carbon footprint. Driving a car, switching the heating on, travelling on a plane, boiling the kettle - it all adds up to your carbon footprint!

So everything you do creates a carbon footprint? Pretty much! But all is not lost! There are a few things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint and feel less like we’re destroying the planet every time we want a cup of tea!

Easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint!

Shorter showers

Next time you hop in the shower, time it! Then, the next shower you get - try and shave a few minutes off your last time. Try to work towards cutting that original time in half and achieve a new personal best when it comes to speedy showers! It’s amazing how quickly you can scrub up when the timer is on! 

Reusable containers

I’m all for a plastic free future, but I’m not prepared to throw away the plastic tubs and containers I already have for the sake of replacing them with eco-friendly versions. Any new containers I buy will be as green and plastic free as possible. Always opt for putting things in reusable containers over single use plastic bags. For anything with sauces, always try to use glass jars and tubs as it won’t stain or leave lingering smells! Use your plastic containers for dry snacks. 

Switch things off!

Seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? If it’s not in use switch it off! This goes for plugs left in the wall, the kettle, the microwave, lights in rooms you’re not currently in etc. In-fact, step away from this post for a minute and go see how many things you can turn off - then come back and comment down below how many switches you flipped!

easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home

Check your transport!

Do you and a few buddies from work live near each other? Is there anyway you could all drive in together? Try setting up a local car share, or, start using public transport if you usually just drive in alone. The more people who can move together in the same direction, the smaller our collective carbon footprint will be. I’d love it if we could all cycle to work but there are far too many cars on the road for me to ever feel comfortable doing that!

Go paperless!

I don’t think there’s a single bill that comes through my letter box anymore now - and if it does, I instantly get in touch with them to get it switched to paperless. I rarely have to check the post box now because pretty much everything comes to me via email or logging into an account. I sign up for newsletters over getting physical times guides and upcoming theatre programmes too. Go as paperless as possible!

Watch what you eat!

I would highly encourage anyone who doesn’t already do this to have at least one meat free day a week. If you’re already a vegetarian/pescatarian like me, then why not try having one vegan day a week? The production of animals for consuming is one of the biggest causes of greenhouse gasses! Not only will it be better for the planet, but it will take some pressure off your purse, be healthier for you in the long run and you never know what amazing meals you could discover on these meat free/vegan days!

easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home

How do you plan on reducing your carbon footprint?

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  1. I agree with you. Although I would say I'd like to be single-use plastic free, not plastic free, because plastic is really great for all sort of uses, from very resistant fashion jewellery to storage boxes that I can put in the attic, to a sturdy long-lasting and hassle free garden shed. I could do without plastic bags and food wrapped in plastic.