Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Pinterest - the next steps for upping your Pinterest game!

Quick and easy ways you can level up your Pinterest account, boosting engagement, views and followers! #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestadvice

It’s safe to say I am currently obsessed with Pinterest. Pinning, curating my boards, creating pinnacle graphics, pinning some more. I probably spend more time on Pinterest these days than any other platform and slowly but surely I am beginning to reap the fruits of my labours. I underestimated the power of Pinterest for so long, but now that I’m taking the time out to learn how to make Pinterest work for me, boy is it.

My engagement rate and follower count grows by the day and my own pins are seeing some serious love, which in turn, is driving beautiful bright new eyes over here to the Wonderland (HUGE hello to all you wonderful new readers!). There’s still a long way to go, so I thought I’d share my current Pinterest to do list. Maybe you’re looking for somewhere to start your Pinterest journey, or where to take it next. Feel free to buddy up with me and let’s pin the hell out of this platform!

Pinterest - the next steps

1. Create board covers

I’ve read mixed reviews about if this actually improves anything other than how your profile landing page looks but Pinterest being the visual platform it is, having them can’t hurt. I love a good looking profile page, and if looks all smart, organised and loved by the user, I am much more likely to follow them and explore their boards. I’ve found a couple of tutorials online, and now I’ve settled on my Pinterest theme, these shouldn’t be too hard to whip up!

2. Create Pinnables for older content

Pretty much any of my blog posts pre the back end of 2018 need a Pinterest friendly over haul. This includes creating Pinterest friendly graphics, updating existing images and updating all of my alt image tags. Once the visuals are updated, these posts then need to be strategically pinned to my boards. This one is going to take me a while, as the further back into my archives I go, the more I end up working on the content - not just the visuals, but broken links, back links and some of the content itself get’s a neat little edit and tidy up. 

3. Organise my boards

Right now, I think my board organisation is okay, but there’s always room for improvement. I’ve hidden a few seasonal specific boards as they’re not going to get much love out of season, and I want the majority of my boards to be active and kept updated. Some could be consolidated, some could be split into sub groups, so I’ll work my way through them and see what needs what.

4. Get into some group boards

I’m not planning on getting Tailwind anytime soon, so I won’t have access to their lucrative Tribes which means I need to go about group boards in the old fashioned way. I’m struggling here as many of the bigger ones are pretty strict on who they let in, and emailing to plea my Pinterest case for access isn’t something I’m wholly comfortable with right now! I might just start with some Facebook groups/threads and go from there! 

5. Update/Re-pin older pins

I’ve got some pins still floating around from my pre-Pinterest domination days that could do with some re-pinning love. They need their descriptions (if they even have one) re-writing, hashtags adding and links updating. This should be something I can tidy up quickly as I pretty much deleted my entire account not so long ago and started again - but I’ve learnt so much more again since then that a few could do with some love. 

5 Quick and easy ways you can level up your Pinterest account today, boosting engagement, views and followers! #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestadvice

What’s on your to-do list for Pinterest domination?

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  1. You have definitely got me wanting to up my Pinterest game. I used to love it but then stopped using it. And now I'm just obsessed again!

    Jackie O xo

  2. You have done amazing, I am taking these tips and heading straight over to Pinterest. xx