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The easiest way to plan 60 blog posts in 60 minutes (or less!)

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My most productive days of blogging are those where I have my content planned out. Not necessarily in any particular order, but when I have a good, lengthy list, of content I want to create. The blank page can be a brutal beast, taunting and teasing, and with a blogging schedule to keep, you don’t want to risk just churning out any old content. Blogging doesn’t have to be all blood, sweat and tears. With an arsenal of post ideas in your back pocket, you can easily and quickly put together content that you love. 

I’m all for those 100 lifestyle post ideas or 100 click-worthy blog post titles, but the problem is - so is every other blogger out there. Just take a quick look at blogging on Pinterest and you'll find hundreds of lists recycling the same title ideas. The market is saturated these days with bloggers in every niche imaginable. It’s hard enough to stand out as it is, but when you’re all working from the same list of ideas and titles, your well crafted content is easily lost in the crowd, especially if you’re just getting started. 

How do you come up with your own original content ideas?

1. Grab your phone

We’re going to do a couple of things here. Firstly, open up your photo gallery and get scrolling through your phone. Use pictures of your own recent experiences to ignite that creative spark. Did you and your friends have an amazing day out at the park? Where did you go? What did you pack? What did you wear? What essentials did you end up having to run to the Tesco for because you forgot to bring them? Theres 5 potential blog posts from 1 day out. 

Walked the dog and took some pretty shots along the way? Instant content. Talk about the area. Talk about why you love to walk, or maybe why you don’t. What thoughts did you have along the way? Do you have a favourite dog walking OOTD or maybe you just want to share a post all about your beloved pooch. 

A picture tells a thousand words - and that’s a pretty Google friendly length for a blog post. 

2. Check your diary

Be it your paper planner of your phones calendar. Have a look at what you’ve got coming up. Trip the the theatre? There’s a potential review, outfit post, maybe you’ll eat out afterwards - instant food review. That theatre trip might also inspire you to talk about why you love going to the theatre and maybe another post rounding-up all the best shows you’ve seen since this year. 

Same goes for any future trips, holidays, gigs, dates or some planned personal time. You can talk about prepping for the impeding adventure, the activity itself and maybe, just maybe, it will inspire something else too. 

3. Open your drawers

I love doing this. If you’re a blogger who writes product reviews, it’s so easy to forget what you’ve got rolling around in your drawers. I’m the worst for keeping empties to remind me to do a post-use write up. Simply writing reviews of the products should bag you 10+ posts, but how about an updated skin care routine? Evening vs morning? Found a bottle of something you only used a few times? Write about why it wasn’t for you. Not all reviews have to be glowing, positive ones. Maybe you have a thing for serums, how about rounding up your top 5? Or pit 2 of your holy grail products against one another in a battle for the beauty crown? 

Same goes for make-up. Create a look for a special occasion or every day. Talk about your skincare or make-up journey. Have a collection of essentials you think everyone should have in their own drawers? Write about it! You’ll be amazed how many posts suddenly come to light after a little rummage around those drawers. 

4. Take a walk around your home

Our homes are filled with memories - so why not share them? Everyone loves to get to know the bloggers behind the blog, we’re all nosey buggers. Maybe it’s a snow globe from your first trip to Disney World, what do you remember about that trip? What makes this such a would-grab-in-a-fire object? People don’t want to just read reviews and restaurant write ups, they want to get to know you. They want to connect with you

Maybe you have a marvellous mug collection, or a capsule wardrobe. Maybe you have an inspirational mood board above your desk, or do you display your favourite pictures in something other than a traditional photo frame? Share it. Inspire your audience. 

5. Take a trip through your blog archives

This one really surprised me. Go as far back as you can through your old content - I know, it’s probably going to be pretty cringe worthy, but it’s a goldmine of blog post inspiration. That write up of a restaurant you went to 5 years ago, have you been back since? Could you write an updated review? What about a product you loved 3 years ago - are you still loving it? Monthly favourites - how many of these products still hold a place in your heart?

Then there’s the content that we didn’t quite know how to write back then. Maybe the message we wanted to get across was lost somewhere, or we have an entirely different opinion now. Chances are we’re older now, hopefully a little wiser too - what do we think about a particular topic these days? A series we started but didn’t quite know how to go on with? Heck, you’ve probably got a whole bunch of posts in your drafts that didn’t even make it to publication - are they titled you could tackle now?

create 60 quick and easy blog content ideas in 60 minutes or less! #blogging #bloggingtips #bloggingadvice

This is how I spent an hour this past Sunday, and I generated a list of 60 blog post titles and ideas in under an hour. Including the idea for this very post! I've since kept this document open in the background 24/7, so whenever I'm at my laptop and an idea strikes, I quickly add it to the list before it's lost forever. I've found many ideas striking as I'm working on other content, so if anything, the list keeps getting longer! Hurrah! 

I don’t have anything against those listicle posts of titles and ideas, I’ve used them myself in the past and they really can help get the creative juices flowing. But I hope this post has shown you how many of your own ideas, original ideas, you have right in the palm of your hand if you just take the time to look!

Give this a go and let me know how many ideas you generate in an hour and where they come from!

Until the next time, 


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