Monday, 25 February 2019

*Am I ready to drive again?

how to drive with confidence #driving #drivingtips #drivinglessons

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I have a driving license but I don’t have a car. I haven’t sat behind the wheel of a car for close to 6 years now and the thought of getting into the driving seat again fills me with both dread and pure excitement. What’s the longest you’ve gone without driving since passing your test? Are you worried about hitting the road again too?

I’ve considered leasing an A class car for some time now. I figured before I take the plunge and get one of my own, leasing a car might ease me back into the driving seat and slowly build my confidence. I used to love driving. From the minute I passed my test, I loved being able to just jump in my car and go wherever I wanted. Pop up to a friends, drop in on family, take a drive out to someplace random, have a car picnic (oh the joys of the car picnic tupperware!). There’s a sense of freedom that comes with having your own car on the driveway just waiting for you that I have sorely missed over the last 6 years!

What happened to my car? I sold it *insert sad music here* at the time, it wasn’t being used enough to justify the cost of the insurance etc, and living at home, it was taking up valuable space on the driveway. Reluctantly, I sold it….only to come to very quickly regret it. And regret it I have ever since. Granted, living in the city centre doesn’t call for a car all that often, but damn would it have made a few things over the past few years easier!

how to drive with confidence #driving #drivingtips #drivinglessons

But I’m worried. I’m worried about getting back behind the wheel and getting back on the road. Maybe I’m just getting old now, but the roads seem super busy these days. And living in the city centre? Damn have I seen more edge of my seat how-was-that-not-a-crash? moments than the Arc De’Triomphe. 

There are so many shocking statistics about what people get up to on the road, it’s like hands at 10 and 2 are the stuff of myths and legends. From blaring music to pain in the ass passengers, drivers snacking their way through the traffic lights after applying another layer of mascara before the lights changed, everybody seems to be seriously distracted behind the wheel these days - no wonder I’m having more than kittens at the thought of driving again.

how to drive with confidence #driving #drivingtips #drivinglessons

Gaining confidence behind the wheel

I will prevail, I will drive once more and I will get my confidence back. The scariest thing about driving is other drivers, but as long as I can give myself a confidence a boost before, during and after I get myself a car again, I’m sure I will find driving on the roads fun again.

Take some lessons

I don’t know if I’ll go with an instructor but, I will be asking dear ol’ Dad to pop into the passenger seat and go on a few little confidence boosting drives with me. Back when I was taking lessons, I went out in-between them with my Dad almost every night and most weekends. We’d just jump in the car, he’d name a place and off we’d go. He’s one of those really chilled out passengers too so I never stressed when he was in the car, well, except for one time when I failed to pull away from traffic lights on a hill start for oh…about…5 or 6 or…7 light changes….the less said amount that moment the better! *shame*

I’m tempted to go with an official instructor for some motorway refreshing because let’s be honest, they’ve always terrified me and after a 6 year break, they terrify me twice as much these days. And I don’t think it’d be fair to put my Dad through that haha!

Road trip ready

One thing I’ve always wanted to do is a UK road trip. There are so many amazing places around the UK that the Mr and I really want to go visit - I need to get my hands on a National Trust membership. I know I could probably get to the majority of them with a combination of public transport and taxi’s but some places take far too long to get to this way that it just isn’t justifiable. Nothing beats the tunes on, the picnic packed and the open road ahead of you. It’s something the Mr and I have never had the pleasure of doing and it’s something we’re both very keen on!

What are some of your top tips for getting back behind the wheel?

Until next time, 

what distracts drivers on the roads #driving #drivingtips #drivinglessons

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  1. I took my driving licence 10 years ago, but I don't drive. Moving to UK meant I knew how to drive on the other side, with the wheel on the other side, and a much smaller car (we have an estate), while having very little driving experience. So, I'm relying on my husband for all the driving, he loves it and he is very good at it.
    If you move outside the city centre you'll buy a car for sure, you will need it. I'm at only 20+ minutes from the city centre by car, but that means almost a 2h walk or 30 minutes by bus and bus goes only in certain areas. Without a car would be very hard indeed. We don't even have a lot of shops nearby, the nearest is at a 25 minutes walk.

  2. I haven’t driven properly for over two years so I can relate to the anxiety about getting back behind the wheel!

    Alice xo |