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*Wedding day advice from REAL Brides!


From the minute you announce your engagement, you’re bombarded with do’s and don'ts for your big day. Everyone has an opinion on who should be invited, what food you should serve, how you should wear your hair etc. It’s so easy to get caught up in everyone else ideas that you forget what it is you and your partner want for the big day. Your wedding day is about you, and the reality is, you won’t please everyone who attends  - and you shouldn’t try! 

From viewing venues to taking those final steps down the aisle, there’s going to be a lot to plan, and a lot of questions to ask and answer. I asked some of my own beautiful brides what advice did they listen to and what advice did they politely nod, smile and ignore? 

Wedding advice - from a bride TO a future bride to be!

Jessie (Jessie Lou Blog)

Lots of people told us to get a videographer but they are pricey. We convinced ourselves people would record clips on their phones for us to watch so we wouldn’t need a videographer anyway. in hindsight now i wish i hate it on film. mainly to see family members that aren’t here anymore, plus the day goes by so quickly that it’s impossible to remember all the little details. a video captures them.

Advice I did listen to - Make your guest list consist of people that are in your life. It’s your day. If you haven’t seen a distant aunt in 10 years, why is she invited? Same goes for ‘friends’ you haven’t seen and barely heard from in 12 months. Be surrounded by people on the day that make you smile, who won’t take an age to catch up with and who you’ll be able to chat with for years to come about your wedding day memories. 

Codie (Codiekinz)

People told me my wedding time was too early (11am) and I almost changed it but I’m so glad I didn’t listen to them! I was so desperate to marry Steven that I didn’t want to wait any longer. It meant I was getting married at 11.11am (when you’re supposed to make a wish!) and we really made the most of day. We had garden games, a bouncy castle, retro video games, temporary tattoos, a picnic and a live band. Of course, that timing won’t work for everyone and I’m not saying you should have an early wedding if you don’t want to, but if something feels right for you and your partner, go for it! Don’t worry about what other people think (as hard as this is!) because I know I would have always regretted changing to meet the expectations of others. 

Jackie (Just add Ginger)

We didn’t get advice as such, but when it came to wedding dress shopping I’d heard that it’s best to go to loads of shops to figure out what you want. Try on as many dresses as possible and keep going until you find the one. I actually just went to one wedding dress shop, found a dress I loved and stopped looking then and there. 

I do regret not hiring a videographer for the day. Nobody took any video clips throughout our wedding day, and I would have loved to have just one of our first dance. 

At the end of the (big!) day, it’s all about you and your partner. It’s about the commitment your sharing together and celebrating that however you see fit with friends, family and loved ones. Maybe you want to invite the world, mate you want a very intimate, low key event. Whatever you choose, choose a day that you want, not what others tell you that you won’t. Most of us only plan on doing this once, and we don’t want to live with any wedding day regrets!

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