Wednesday, 16 January 2019

*Love it or List it? The home improvements that could make me STAY?

easy home improvements


I’ve been telling every man and his dog that I want to finally move out of our city centre flat and into a more traditional, family home out in the ‘burbs this year. With that being said, if I was in the position to make a fair few upgrades and changes to our current home, could I be swayed to stay a little longer? What home improvements could be make to reconsider moving home in 2019?

Our flat is like a trial run house in itself, it’s a 2 bedroom, 2 up - 2 down job in the heart of the city centre. It’s been the perfect starter home for us, and a huge learning curve for me! I’ve loved living here, but to go on living here, a fair few things would have to change! So let’s start with the biggest problem we have - our windows!

Oh, what I wouldn’t give for some replacement windows. Our building is pretty old, and even though the windows are doubled glazed, the framework is wooden and really old. There’s actual gaps in the framework that you can hear the wind howling through in the winter. I’ve tried draft excluders, I’ve tried really thick tape, but still, it gets pretty chilly in the winter! The heating helps, but it goes cold pretty quickly after your turn the radiators off! 

Living room improvements

easy home improvements

Our living room could really do with some serious love, the furniture actually makes me sad. Our apartment came furnished, which was great at the time, but with nothing actually being ours, the place has never truly felt ours. I would love to get rid of the current sofas and replace them with a really comfortable L shaped couch! With extra large throw pillows and blankets to level up the hygge! 

A creative space in the home

If the spare bedroom didn’t have a bed in it, I would totally turn it into a proper home office / creative space. Right now, I’m set up on a desk in the living room, which is functional, but 1, not super practical if anyone else is in the living room, and 2, way too close to the kitchen for my waistlines liking! I love the idea of having my own little space to escape to! 

Kitchen expansion

easy home improvements

Speaking of the kitchen….oh someone get me a mallet! We have a downstairs loo and I would hands down knock it down in order to open up the kitchen, it’s the bane of my existence in this house, second to the windows! We have zero storage space in the kitchen and even less counter space, so I can’t even think about cooking for more than 2 people. Unless I want to learn how to plate up with the plates balanced on my head. It gets so frustrating, even just trying to plate up a Sunday roast, with plates and dishes piling up all over the show. I would knock the downstairs loo right out and get some sort of counter space come breakfast bar situation in place. With a breakfast bar, we could scrap the dining table and put in counter top space on that side too - and oh the storm I could cook up in that much space!

Are there any improvements you could make around your current home that would entice you to stay?

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