Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas 2018 - Tree Tour

christmas tree inspiration

I have been living for peoples tree posts these last couple of weeks! I absolutely love seeing how different everyone decorates their Christmas trees! From all out glam, to traditional, colour themes, woodland critters, hygge christmas trees and minimalistic magic, they’re all just so pretty! I feel like it’s been forever and a day since I last shared a tree update, which has come a pretty long way since the days of my little pink bedroom tree close to 5 Christmasses ago! 

I’ve levelled up from that little 2ft job to a 6ft hand me down beauty. Over the last couple of years I’ve experimented with going all out, from tinsel to beads and back again, but this year, I decided to go with a less is more approach, which for anyone who knows me and Christmas is almost unheard of! But as I was pulling out decorations, old and new, I couldn’t decide which of them deserved pride of place - so I thought bugger it, they all deserve a little taste of the spotlight over the next couple of weeks. 

I banned the beads and tossed the tinsel, and just went with lights and baubles. It looks much more minimalistic this year but I am loving the finished look! Every time I pass by, or catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, I land on a different ornament and my sentimental heart dives right into the tale behind each and every one!

christmas tree ornaments

The medals

Over the last 6 years I’ve collected 5 Liverpool Santa Dash medals! The Santa Dash is a 5k festive race across the city at the beginning of December and it is a firm tradition for me come December - Christmas doesn’t start until my Santa clad self crosses that finish line and brings another beautiful medal home to tie onto the tree! I’m hoping one day to have enough medals to cover an entire tree - even if it’s just the old 2ft job!

christmas tree ornaments

The Lenox 

I feel like I have shared this one before but, hands down, this is my most luxurious Christmas ornament. I bought this back in 2010 in Walt Disney World, it was the splurgiest of splurge buys but it’s been worth it ever since. How I haven’t dropped and smashed it yet is beyond me, but it’s surviving and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Tink has always been one of my favourite characters and she always takes pride of place on the front of the tree!

christmas tree ornaments

The golden doves

I went on a handmade Christmas kick about 4 years ago and picked these up off Etsy. They’re gold painted ceramic tile pieces with lace imprints that are so thin, dainty and delicate and the perfect little touch on the tree. What I love about these is the love that went into making them, each one is different to the other and I just love that individuality!

christmas tree ornaments

The engagement

One of the nicest engagement presents we received was this amazing personalised Disney ornament from Walt Disney World. My parents took a trip not longer after our engagement and picked this up for us and I just love it. Again, my sentimental ol’ heart just loves anything with such love and beautiful memories behind it! 

christmas tree ornaments

The new additions

Of course, every year something new finds it’s way onto the tree. And can I go to Disneyland Paris without bringing back an ornament or… three? I grabbed the very sparkly gold disc ornament (in the header image!) as a gift with purchase (FYI Disneyland Paris has some of the best gift with purchase offers!). My tree is mostly red and gold, so this fits in perfectly! My Mum then treated us to these beautiful initial baubles that are miniature versions of the exact same ones that appear on the tree on Main Street USA! I absolutely love having them at the top of the tree, I’m a serious sucker for anything remotely personalised!

christmas tree ornaments

What are some of your favourite baubles adorning your tree this year?

Until next time, 

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  1. I love the stories behind these beautiful decorations, this makes them much more special. I don't have ornaments like this, all are the same colour and we use them every year. We are going for a minimalist look.

    1. Ah I just love how each one can tell a story, it's something I really cherished growing up so I'm glad I can carry on the tradition with my own tree!

      Sarah :)