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October 2018 - Moments and Highlights

monthly highlights

For the first time in what feels like the entire year, a month didn’t actually fly by like a bat out of hell. October seemed to take it’s time, and for that I am grateful! Here’s hoping the rest the year decides to take an autumnal leaf out of Octobers book!

October saw me step right into my thirties, turning 31! I don’t like the sound of 31, I have a weird thing about odd numbers unless they end in 5. I know, it’s weird, I’m ok with that. There’s just something about odd numbers that I find really unsettling, I can’t even bare to look at my bank balance if it ends in an odd number - I will move pennies into my savings account just so my current account looks even! So, hello 31

turning 31

I took the day off work and spent it with my parents, treating myself to a few new bits, too many boxes of Lindt chocolates and indulging in some really good food. And just because I can, I managed to squeeze a few more days of celebrating, having a cinema and Pieminister date with the Mr, and an Italian carb fest with besties! As much as I hate the sound of 31, so far it’s been pretty kind to me, so long may it continue!

I found myself feeling all things festive part way through the month too, having been invited to the launch of Owen Drew’s Christmas candle line - and chatting with the great great grandson of Charles Dickens! I read A Christmas Carol every December, so it was amazing to speak to an actual relative and hear some really interesting family stories and tidbits! Gerald had come along to the launch as the star of the show was Eighteen Forty Three, a Dickension inspired candle that takes its heady notes from roasted chestnuts, coal fires, dark rum and exotic spices - it’s a bold Christmas scent, indulgent, and heart warming. 

The launch took place in Smugglers Cove on the Albert Dock, with festive decor, themed cocktails and nibbles, it was a brilliant launch night! A huge shout out goes to the server who brought me a plate of hummus, breads, halloumi fries and salad when he realised there was no vegetarian food on offer that night, it was delicious and really hit the spot!

pieminister liverpool review

Most of my memories from this past month are with friends. From foodie catch ups to coffees and a stunning wedding right at the end of the month. It’s been so lovely to just step away from the laptop, from social media, from the day job and just hang out with people I love. I’ve made a point of trying to take more pictures of the people and places and not just the cute coffee’s we’re sipping on. I’m hoping to get some physical pictures printed this side of the New Year too and get into the habit of keeping some old-school albums!

Halloween came and went, no decor, no dressing up, no extra sweets. I just honestly wasn’t feeling it this year at all. The spookiest I got was watching a couple of Hill House episodes - well, when I say watching it was from behind a pillow fort with my hands over my face! 

improve blogger outreach

This month, you guys have been showing all the love to my Improving Blogger Outreach post! With regards to a couple of the goals I set myself in that post, I have been doing a lot of blogger-style homework and research over on my Pinterest boards, and have taken some time off the day job in order to spend more time working on the blog! 

What was the highlight of your October?

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  1. Looks like a really fab month. Being 31 is not bad. I know, I've been 31 a few years ago. :)) I hope your November will be great too.