Wednesday, 10 October 2018

*#MySocialSpirit - Smallest changes for the BIGGEST impact?

eco friendly changes at home

Over the last year or so, a switch has seriously flipped for me when it comes to the environment we live, learn and grow in. Minimalism, zero waste, low impact, are all words flying around both on and offline, but is it all hippy dippy bull asking you to do the impossible, or is it easier than it sounds? Could it even be rewarding? In 2015 it was agreed by a whole host of world leaders that we should start working towards a better world, working towards sustainable development, ending poverty, fighting inequality and putting a stop to climate change. Can all this really be achieved by a few meatless Monday’s and homemade beauty products?

Believe it or not, we can all, as individuals make tiny, almost unnoticeable changes to our daily routine both in and out of the home that will actually have a substantial impact on the road to a better world. From choosing the right litter bin when out and about in the city - Glasdon have some great information on this if you’re unsure of which bin to put your wrappers in to picking up a reusable coffee cup, stainless steel water bottle or even just taking a tote bag out to the shops. These changes are minuscule with very little impact on our own lives, but they work wonders for protecting our planet! Guys, come on, it really is that easy!

eco friendly changes at home

A couple of weeks ago I came home to a big blue bag hanging on the front door of our apartment. Liverpool City Council have finally given us recycling facilities in our building! When we moved in over 4 years ago, we had three recycling bins down in the basement, for over 60+ apartments. Living in the city centre, with no car, makes recycling all but impossible without these bins. But of course, 3 bins would fill up in less than 3 days. Some people couldn’t tell the difference between a household waste bin and a recycling bin. And then the bins disappeared! All the cardboard and plastic bottles taking up my kitchen windowsill (so Pinterestable) had nowhere to go - until now. That little blue bag has been a game changer, because with it came ten recycling bins in the basement! Recycling for everyone! It takes no time out of my day to put waste in two bins, and no time out of my day to take them to their designated spaces. And every time I put my plastic bottles into the recycling bin, I feel like I get little green planet points. They nourish my little community spirit.

Incorporating conscious, Earth saving decisions into our daily routine doesn’t have to be a headache. It doesn’t mean throwing away every plastic tupperware you have and replacing them with glassware. Plastic has become such an integral part of our day to day lives, from lunch boxes to toothbrushes, that to throw it all away to go green would do more harm than good. You are not a bad person for having plastic in your life. You’re doing the planet a favour by not throwing it away and replacing it, but using it for as long as possible. If it’s in your life the day the switch flips for you, you’re not a fake or a phoney by keeping it in your life. If the time comes and it needs replacing, that’s when you make a more conscious, sustainable choice. And of course, recycle, upcycle, and donate as much as possible before giving in and sending it to the landfill. 

eco friendly changes at home

Turning off the lights at home, unplugging devices not currently in use, not leaving your phone on permanent charge. Cooking more from scratch, reducing food waste by not over buying, by using what you have, by educating yourself just a little bit on what can be frozen to taste longer. Reaching for a jumper before reaching for the thermostat. I bet you’ve heard all of these time and time again, but what difference does one light switch make? Turns out that difference is something tremendous! The less power we consume, the fewer toxic fumes factories put out, so yes, switching off that light when you leave the room really does have an impact!

The biggest, most impactful changes really are some of the smallest, simplest you can make. 

What’s one change you could make today to earn yourself some super shiny Earth points?

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  1. I love this post and I agree with you. Plastic is great, if used as much as possible. I have some plastic tupperware that I use almost daily and I bought it 10 years ago. Why throw them away? When I can't use it anymore, I'm going to switch to glass. But, even the new ones made out of glass have a plastic lid. One broke, so now I have an extra lid.
    It's great the council started to do more about recycling. If people recycle as they should, the council gets a bit of money back from the profits the recycling plant makes, so it's better for us too.

    1. I hate how the glass ones come with plastic lids! So frustrating! I have seen some with silicon lids which are better but they are so much more expensive, so not as easy to switch over to!

      Sarah :)