Monday, 3 September 2018

Moments and Highlights - August 2018

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I’m finally counting down to cute boots, extra layers, hot chocolate and crunchy leaves. I’m all for Autumn now September is finally here, so before we jump into the new season, let’s take a look at the end of my Summer 2018!

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Pamper day @ 30 James Street

I kicked off the month in pure bliss with an afternoon well spent with friends at 30 James Street hotel. We started at the top with a delicious meal in the Carpathia Restaurant, before heading into the underbelly of the building to be cocooned in the luxury of Morgans Spa. I say this time and time again, but these kind of treats are the ones I really need to make more time for! Nothing beats that high after being preened and pampered in a spa! I swear, I was riding that relaxation wave for days afterwards!

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Lego Saturn V

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how long it’s been since I last picked up a lego brick! I forgot just how much fun it was to hear that satisfying click as you snap the pieces together, stand back, and gaze upon your creation! Granted, when I was younger, most of my creations where multi-coloured brick houses on a green square board, with a plant pot for a chimney, taking up the challenge of building the Saturn V from Lego was a massive level up! I spent a couple of weekend mornings with the Mr piecing it together brick by brick and now, well, it’s in pride of place in our living room and we can’t stop marvelling over just how friggin awesome it is - and we built it!

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Yes, this is a highlight haha! I’ve become obsessed with putting halloumi in and on everything, so clearly, it needs to be commemorated. From burgers to tikka masala, halloumi has become Queen in the kitchen this past month! 

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DIY Skincare 

I’ve been looking to overhaul my skincare routine for sometime now and after spending more time than I care to admit researching products and methods, it was the Korean 7 Skin Method that really appealed to me. However, it didn't appeal so much to my bank balance (isn’t that always the way?). I’ve been dabbling in some homemade skincare, from toners to serums and I’m almost ready to share them with you guys, so watch this space!

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Family Wedding

I don’t think I’ve ever been to as many weddings in a year as I have been to this year so far! It really is the wedding season era of my life and I am loving it! Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Fun times, emotional highs, pretty dresses, too much prosecco and nothing but dancing the night away! We attended another cracking wedding celebration this month - and crazy as it sounds, on that side of the family, the next upcoming wedding is most likely going to be ours!! EEEEK!

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Escape to the Lakes
For the grand Summer finale, we spent the last weekend of August in The Lake District - somewhere that has become a firm favourite for me this year! With good friends in tow, we grabbed ourselves the cutest little apartment in Windermere and just kicked back with lots of relaxing, a little wandering and of course, some seriously good grub and game nights! 

And you’ve been loving… 

The most popular post here on the blog this past month has been my 11 bucket list bars and restaurants in LondonLondon is somewhere we’re really hoping to get back to at somepoint in the not so distant future, so of course, I’ve got to make a few plans for when the time finally comes!

What have been some of the highlights of your August?

Until next time, 

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  1. Love the dress you had for the wedding, is beautiful and you look stunning. Awww, halloumi. I remember when I discovered it for the first time and I would have it with everything. Now I have 2 packs in the fridge from "when I'm not in the mood for anything else". :)