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Skincare Haul Autumn 2018

Oh hello ye old topic of mine, it’s been far too long my old friend! I feel like I haven’t had a good ol’ chin wag about skincare in the longest time - so grab yourself a brew and let’s have a natter over a biscuit or two about my latest skincare haul!

I’ve been desperate to overhaul my routine for the longest time, but when you walk down those shiny beauty aisles in Boots, it’s the definition of overwhelming. I’ve been in a skincare rut for the longest time, my skincare routine hasn’t been changed since my last update (yeah, it was that long ago!). With all these new skincare worries and woes going on, I knew I had to start changing things up!

The new worries and woes of my skincare story

Over the last 6 months of so, my skin has not been a happy place. Where once my biggest problem was oily skin, it’s started to dry out and become this flaky, itchy mess. Especially across my forehead. Breakouts are more frequent, and although I am very anti-pimple popping, they’ve still found a way to leave scarring behind more often than not. Oh, and my nose? A no-mans land for large pores and weird veiny redness along the edges. Suffice to say, I’m not amused! 

The solution?

Hydration is king when it comes to your skin. I’ve been doing my research folks and I swear, it all comes back to keeping your skin hydrated, hydrated, hydrated! And no, that’s not just about drinking enough water - but it’d be a good start! The two skincare methods I’ve come across that could be the routines to end all routines? The Korean 7 skin method and the Korean 10 step skincare routine

Sarah…that’s a lot of numbers! 

Yeah. But I like to be thorough! 

I’ll go into each in depth in an upcoming post. But for now, give them a Google and see what you think. With those methods in mind and a well researched shopping list in hand, I finally made a few purchases!

The skincare haul

autumn skincare routine

Sukin skincare was high on my to-buy list. As organic as you can get with zero nasties in the ingredients, both vegan and cruelty free and with affordable price tags, could it be too good to be true? I picked up both the sensitive skin facial moisturiser and the antioxidant eye serum to begin with! Both promise high level hydration, and their key ingredient is rosehip oil - a skincare superhero

Top Tip: Have a look in TK Maxx, my local one always seems to have some Sukin bits in and they're usually half price compared with Boots. 

autumn skincare routine

Speaking of rosehip, I also picked up a bottle of pure rosehip oil and a bottle of jojoba oil. Rosehip is rich in fatty acids, key for cell and tissue regeneration and reducing the appearance of fine lines and scarring. Jojoba is the closest natural oil that mimics the sebum our skin naturally produces. Jojoba is packed with antioxidants and is great for balancing out the skin, hydrating and healing. And these two together? Oh, they make sweet sweet skincare loving music together!

Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating eye balm was my daytime eye treatment of choice. I wanted something light, hydrating, brightening but not thick. I find that some under eye illuminating creams can be really thick, wet and greasy in consistency, with too much emphasis on coverage. If I wanted coverage, I’d hit up the concealer! 

autumn skincare routine

With the 7 skin method in mind, I needed to up my toner game. After much deliberation, I went with the Garnier Natural Rosewater as it was on offer in boots for under £2, making it much cheaper to buy than to make at home! With 98% natural ingridients, it has far fewer nasties than other options. 

And last but not least, I picked up some Lavender essential oil and some Tea Tree essential oil! Lavender is a great anti-inflammatory, perfect for soothing itchy skin and calming down redness. And tea tree is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, perfect for treating and preventing future breakouts! 

When you've been doing the same thing, with the same products for so long, it can be terrifying to shake it up and try something new, but even if it's just your skincare routine, it's always exciting to step into the unknown and see where it takes you!

Have you changed up your routine or picked up any new products that you want to shout about lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, 

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