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*6 things our dream wedding venue HAS to have! (Before I say I do!)

what should your wedding venue offer

There are so many wedding venues out there, in Liverpool alone we are surrounded by beautiful, luxury, unique and historical landmarks that double up as the most romantic of places to say I do and begin our happily ever after. I’m hitting up any and all open days and wedding fairs in Liverpool, but I’m yet to find the one when it comes to our dream wedding venue! 

When you start looking at wedding venues anywhere in the world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by whats available out there. Even just checking out a venues website tends to lead to more questions, what if's and ooo but look how lovely that would be moments. It's not just overwhelming, but so easy to get carried away too! 

Before we end up blowing our budget after being bowled over by a beautifully decorated venue, we’ve put together a list of things that we want to make sure our venue has to offer before we sign on the dotted line and lay down that deposit. If you’re looking for some wedding venue inspiration then here’s a peek at what we’re looking for when it comes to our dream wedding venue.

6 Things we’ll be looking for in our dream wedding venue!

what should your wedding venue offer

All in one!

From saying I do to our first dance, I want everything to be in the one venue. That means it needs to be licensed to perform the ceremony, as well as having a full bar license to keep the bubbles flowing. I really don’t like the idea of getting married in one place, then having to ship myself, my dress, and all of our guests over to another venue. I don’t want a drop of stress on the day, so being able to stay put in one place ticks that box perfectly for us!

what should your wedding venue offer

Gorgeous grounds!

As all brides probably do, I’m hoping for the sun to shine all day long on the big day! I love outdoorsy wedding shots, give me that natural light! I prefer the more classical, garden style backdrop to wedding photos, hopefully sneaking in a sunset and sparklers shot later in the evening. So I really hope our future venue has a fabulous outdoor green space, exclusive to us on the day, and somewhere our guests can step out for some fresh air and some selfies in the sunshine.

Food, food, food!

Come on, the wedding breakfast is probably, almost, undoubtedly, as important to me as the dress! You all know how I feel about my food, and I want the menu to be classic, well cooked, flavoursome comfort food, with something a little fun and flashy for the evening offerings. Honestly, I should probably make sure my wedding dress has an elasticated waist because I do plan on eating throughout the day! 

Custom cocktails!

OK, this isn’t a deal breaker, but, I keep seeing this pop up on my Pinterest and I love the idea of being able to not only make, but offer our own cocktail to our guests! I just think it’s a really fun, quirky idea that would be something a little different, and imagine all the experimenting and tasting we’d have to go through put it together haha!

what should your wedding venue offer


Yeah, I’m going to get all sentimental here, but I really want our venue to have some meaning, be it to us or our family history, but some sort of connection, a story to tell the potential kids some day! I think it would be lovely to wander past and be able to bring back all the memories of our big day, and how the place is ‘in’ the family. 

Not entirely a blank canvas!

I’d like to think I’m a pretty creative individual, but I’ve seen a few blank canvas venues and honestly, they terrify me! I mean what people can do with these spaces are next level, but I don’t think I could handle the pressure of trying to recreate the vision in my head, I mean I struggle just matching sides up to mains sometimes! Would I know what to do with a few hundred meters of taffeta and fairy lights? I’d probably end up starting a fire! So, I’d love a venue we could put our own stamp on, but at the same time, I really hope it has a crap ton of personality all on it’s own so I don’t have to risk turning it into a fire hazard!

If you’re already married, what boxes did your wedding venue have to tick? If you’re waiting to say I do, what kind of aisle are you looking to walk down?

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*This post is in collaboration with bijou wedding venues, all thoughts, opinions, wishes, hopes and dreams are my own.

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  1. When we were looking for a venue we wanted a space where we could host the whole day. We also wanted LOTS of character and details that reflected who we were as a couple and a venue with lots of photo opps. We didn't want to do a lot of decor that we couldn't upcycle so chose a venue that did most of it for us. Anything we did use on the day we've tried to turn into other things and I did some DIY bits myself.

    Jackie O xo