Monday, 20 August 2018

Twilight Spa Evening - Morgans Spa, Liverpool

morgans spa 30 james street twilight package

With our light lunch behind us, we headed down to the bowels of 30 James Street to experience the luxury of their intimate spa setting, Morgans Spa. I’m all for luxury and pampering, but if I can get it at a great price too? Damn you know I am going to jump all over that! One of the packages on offer at Morgans Spa is their Twilight Spa Evening. 50 minutes of treatment, prosecco and 2 hours in their thermal spa for just £49! So let’s take a closer look at how much bang I got for my buck!

We arrived at the spa at 4.45pm, with a 5pm appointment. The spa is not the largest of locations, and it was heaving with not a seat to be had. Online, there are 4 treatments available with this package; Elemis facial, Elemis freestyle deep tissue body massage, manicure and pedicure, but when filling in our forms, the therapist informed us that we could have one of those, or, we could choose 2 25 minute treatments from a different list. On this list; facial, back, neck and shoulder massage, scalp massage, full body salt scrub, and I think there was 2 other options. As keen as I was on a 50 minute massage, 2 25 minute treatments sounded like a much better deal! I went for the back, neck and shoulder massage and the scalp massage - not a facial for once! 

morgans spa 30 james street twilight package

As soon as we selected our treatments we were whisked into the treatment rooms. As there was 3 of us, 2 of us took the double room and 1 went off to a separate treatment room. The treatment rooms were warm, this crazy summer we’ve been having is taking it’s toll everywhere! However they did have a couple of free standing fans in there to cool it down. All products used in the spa are from Elemis, which is hands down, one of my favourite treats when it comes to luxury lotions and potions! We changed in the treatment room, then the therapists came by with robes for us post-treatment. 

morgans spa 30 james street twilight package

We started with the back, neck and shoulder massage, which, oh blimey, I knew I needed a little TLC but the knots being popped in my shoulder were audible. My therapist was brilliant, applying a comfortably firm, but effective pressure, that she checked in was working for me. She also did something magical on my lower back, I didn’t even know I had a problem there but for days since, it’s just felt so good! Before I knew it, the 25 minutes were up and I flipped over, dignity intact, and went straight into the scalp massage.

I’ve never had a scalp massage unless you count a really vigorous scrubbing at the hairdressers, so for me, this was a new one and ohhhh such a treat! Seriously, what is it about anyone playing with your hair that causes an instant calming affect to wash over you from top to toe? Sheer bliss! The only downside to was the treatment room wasn’t as zen as I’d have expected. With the fans blowing and music playing, there was a lot of noise in the background that was a bit too distracting. That being said, it still took me a while before I could fully peel myself up off the bed, my whole body had gone to jelly it was that relaxed!

Robes wrapped, we headed back out into the spa and thankfully the whole place had emptied out! There was only the 3 of us and one another couple, so we pretty much had it all to ourselves! Without any waiting around the robes were off and we got right into the thermal pool! The best thing about Morgans is how chilled the place is, with it’s super low lighting and even lower ceilings, you’re cocooned in luxury. 

The thermal pool was great, with seating all the way around, it was great to just relax even more after our treatments whilst sipping on a glass of prosecco and putting the world to rights. Before we turned into complete prunes, we hopped out and gave the sauna a go, which was just divine. Even though I hadn’t had the facial my skin was absolutely glowing after a sauna session! 

morgans spa 30 james street twilight package

The spa closes at 8pm, so around 7.45pm we hopped into the changing rooms and put ourselves back together again before calling it a night. As midweek pampers go, I think it’s fair to say this one has set the bar pretty high! We floated out of there and for days afterwards, I was still riding a super chilled out high! 

Would you take a later spa appointment or do you prefer having the whole day there?

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  1. Aww, sounds amazing, it seems you've had a wonderful time.
    You gave me a great idea. In two months we have an anniversary and it will be great to go to a SPA. I'm going to ask him what he thinks about this.

  2. I'd love the thermal pool but I don't want to be touched hahaha.

    Corinne x