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Must have Disney Park Accessories

disney magic band vinyl wraps

From Walt Disney World to Disneyland Paris trips, there’s a few key accessories that are my must haves in the parks! From functional to just too darn cute in a picture, here’s a look at my must haves when visiting any and all of the Disney Parks

Magic Band Vinyl Skins

I really wish they would bring these in at Disneyland Paris, Magic Bands are just far too cute not to have! Walt Disney World introduced them several years ago now and although they come in some lovely colours, and now some beautiful limited edition designs, sometimes you just want something a bit more personal and for a much more affordable price! Vinyl skins from the likes of Mighty Skins are a wonderfully affordable way of blinging out your Magic Bands! With hundreds of designs to choose from, these waterproof, matte finish vinyls are precision cut to Disney’s Magic Bands, meaning you can really show off your personality around the parks!

disney magic band vinyl wraps

Magical Mugs

I always take a reusable mug into the parks with me! Usually it’s my Walt Disney World resort mug! Great for keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold, these are fantastic little money savers! During my last trip to Disneyland Paris, I took one along, with lots of green teabags and hot chocolate sachets as you can get free hot water from any counter service offering hot drinks. They’ll also give out free cups of ice water too, so popping a water flavouring shot in with your mug is a great idea! Plus, what Disney mug/reusable cup doesn’t make a great photo prop?

disney magic band vinyl wraps

Ears Galore

From park themed, to character themed, to special occasions and more. There really is a set of ears for everyone and every celebration you can imagine! I’m ashamed to say my collection isn’t half as big as I would like, but I swear, a couple of years back, ears were never this big! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got my eye on several pairs both Disney official and Etsy created so if a future trip does ever come up, I will be adding them straight to my basket! Ears are the accessory to end all accessories in the parks these days! They’re even starting to get their own accessories, from matching bags to pins and lanyards! 

Bags and lanyards

Speaking of which, I don’t know how some people go to the parks with nothing but their phones in their pockets! Having a Disney themed bag is a must for me, big enough for all the bits and bobs I need when out and about, but small enough that I can secure it safely on all the rides with me too. Not many rides have safe places to leave your belongings, and there isn’t always a non-rider in the group to dump them on! I find backpacks are by far the easiest things to have in the parks, leaving your hands free for popcorn and Mickey pretzels! If you’re using tickets instead of a magic band, lanyards with ticket pouches are perfect when it comes to getting into the parks, hotel rooms, and grabbing fastpasses! Having it right there beats rummaging around in your bag for your purse or wallet to then fish it out of!

disney magic band vinyl wraps

Old school or digital notepads

Something I’ve done for a fair few trips now is to take along a paper notebook or, which I did last year at Disneyland Paris, is to use a notes function on my phone. Photos are great for bringing back memories but I love jotting down highlights at the end of everyday, or whilst waiting in line. From memories of the day to ideas for coming days, future trips, blog posts etc! It’s also great for storing itineraries and plans so I can see where we’re going and where we need to be! Not going to lie, this is usually where my shopping list goes too, if I can wait until another day to purchase something!

What are some of your must haves when it comes to visiting a Disney park?

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*This post is in collaboration with Mighty Skins. All thoughts, opinions, wishes, hopes and dreams are my own. 

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