Monday, 13 August 2018

*11 bucket list bars and restaurants in London!

where to eat in london

I’ve been looking at going back down to London for so long now, and with no leaving on a jet plane trip planned anytime soon, I think a little capital break could be just the escape we need. When it comes to any trip, as much as I’m planning the things to do, for me, it’s more about the foods and drinks to do! From high-class one off treats, to sampling the most popular street food offerings, there’s a fair few must visit bars and restaurants on my London bucket list! 

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where to eat in london

1. Bob Bob Ricard 

Press for champagne - I don’t mind if I do! Probably one to visit with the girls, there’s something so novel about just hitting a button at your table and an endless flow of champagne bubbles coming your way! With a current obsession with the TV show The Americans, their Russian classics on the menu really tickle my fancy too!

2. Basement Galley

I’m a sucker for a theme, and what’s more London than dining in a London underground tube train?? Not only is the aesthetic a hoot, with a mixture of French and Scandi cuisine, the menu is fresh, exciting, ever changing and sounds downright delicious!

3. Bao Bar 

I love Bao buns! They’re so airy and jam packed with filling and flavour! At around £3.50 a bao, these just look so good after a quick scroll through Insta! Bring on the Bao!

where to eat in london

4. Grill my Cheese

Be still my beating brie! Oh me oh my! Just look at the melt on that beauty! I know I shouldn’t eat too much dairy, but damn would one of these be worth it! Streetfood just got a whole lot more serious thank’s to these beautiful bad boys! 

5. Crosstown Doughnuts

These beauties look like they will give the ol’ Krispy Kreme a run for their money! They look amazing and the flavours have got my mouth watering! The vegan lemon and thyme is a must eat on my list!

6. Peggy Porschen 

Because am I even a blogger if I don’t eat here and take a million and one pictures for the gram? Not only is this place visually stunning, but I’ve heard the food is just as decedent too! 

7. Bread Ahead 

I think my sweet tooth might be taking over this post, but come on, just look at those cinnamon swirls and sweet cream filled doughnuts? How could I not?

8. Rooftop Film Club

I can’t think of a better way, other than maybe a trip round on the London Eye, to take in some serious views of London! I’ve done a rooftop film screening before and it was amazing! There’s something magical about watching films in the open air! With various pop ups across London, this would be a unique way of looking down on the city! (And it’s on the list because it always has food and a bar available!)

where to eat in london

9. Coppa Club 

Another, am I even a blogger if I don’t check this place out - pick for the list! A centralised bar, surrounded by seasonally decked out pods. The pods look incredible during the winter when they have their igloo-skins on and I reckon over Christmas this would look so magical!

10. Ye Olde Cock Tavern 

Dating back to 1549, guys, Charles Dickens had a pint here! If it’s tiny skinny Polly in your Pocket structure isn’t enough to entice you inside, then it’s history and 2nd floor gin bar should be more than enough to get you through the door! You really can’t beat a good pub!

11. Biscuiteers

I’ve stalked these guys online for as long as I can remember! Their biscuits are quirky, fun, so well decorated and I’ve heard they taste phenomenal too! When you pop into the cafe, you select your biscuit, have a quick how-to tutorial, then get let loose to ice your own biscuits! 

What bars and restaurants are on your London bucket list?

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Header Image: @angisjoplin
Bob Bob Ricard: @bobbobricard
Grill My Cheese: grill_my_cheese
CoppaClub: coppaclub
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  1. I've been to Coppa Club and it was lovely. I would definitely want to go back there. Ye Olde Cock Tavern sounds great, another place I would like to go.

  2. I've not really heard of many of these places but now I want to visit them all! If you ever want someone to go on a London foor & drink tour with, you know where I am. haha.

    Jackie O xo