Tuesday, 7 August 2018

7 Moments and Favourites: July 2018 (including a sneak peek at some upcoming content!)

highlights of the month

From a trip to the Lakes to the ultimate heatwave, a flower show and making some major dietary changes, July has been a none-stop month! Things have been much quieter around the blog too, but here I am - another month down and more moments and favourites to share before we jump into the month ahead!

highlights of the month

The Lake District

I’ve got a whole bunch of blog posts upcoming about my week long trip to Kendal in the Lake District. I had the best time exploring the likes of Windermere and Keswick, ate some great pub grub and saw some seriously breathtaking scenery! I took the week off from my phone, having the ultimate social media detox and it was a real eye opener! 

highlights of the month

Afternoon tea @ Cuthberts

I went with 2 of my best friends to check out the afternoon tea at Cuthberts Bakehouse, it’s been on my to-eat list for sometime now and their vegan afternoon tea did not disappoint! I’ve done a full mouthwatering review that you can go check out - these cakes will make you drool! You have been warned! 

highlights of the month

Me time

The Mr went away for a weekend so I had a full on pamper me weekend for one at home. I was feeling a bit crappy, but that didn’t stop me from spending extra time in the bath, chilling with a pizza and a film in bed and spending some much needed time in my favourite local spot - the library rooftop! On sunny days like these it’s the perfect place to catch some ray high above the city without all the noise of the hustle and bustle of city life. 

highlights of the month

RHS Flower Show - Tatton Park

The Mother-in-Law to be and I won tickets to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park! I’ve never been to a flower show before and even though I don’t have a blade of grass to my name, I had the best time! From gorgeous displays to garden inspiration and trying to convince myself my future garden doesn’t need an inflatable hot tub, we had a fabulous time exploring the show! I even managed to get myself a very intriguing house plant that looks like something off the set of Jurassic Park!

Going vegetarian!

In the past I’ve done meatless Monday’s, veggie weeks, even a whole month as a vegetarian but June saw me take the leap into going veggie full time for good! Ok, I’m still eating fish, so I guess that makes me a pescatarian but you get the idea. I’m done with meat. I have a fair few reasons, health and ethical alike which I might go into sometime, but for now, I’m meat free and loving it! This feels like a decision that has been a long time coming and I’m so glad I’ve finally gone for it!

Skincare overhaul!

I’ve been nit-picking over my skincare routine this past month and have decided to start experimenting with some homemade skincare! We’ve all made the mashed banana face masks but I’m talking toners, serums, lip scrubs and beyond. I’ve been eyeballing some recipes online and I might have placed a cheeky order so watch this space! I might need to bring home a lab coat from work!

highlights of the month

And you’ve been loving…

Even though it’s been a quiet month post wise, my most recent reading round-up post has been the most popular read this month! I feel like I am curling up with a book every spare moment I have, so you can be sure there will be another round-up soon enough!

How has your July been? Anything exciting planned for August?

Until next time, 


  1. It seems you did loads of interesting things last month. Congrats for going pescaterian :P (please don't say you're veggie if you eat fish, it only confuses people on what veggies eat. :)) ). I'm glad you made this choice and that you are happy with it, well done!! Sometimes pushing it too soon can have the opposite effect.
    I love the rooftop of the library too.

    Plans for August... hmm... are you going to see the Lost Castles this weekend? There is one in the Liverpool city centre. I'm very eager to see those.

  2. You're so cute! Can't wait to see your posts about your break. I have that gin glass with the blue stem. It's the best!

    Corinne x