Friday, 17 August 2018

Luxury lunch menu dining - at 30 James Street

carpathia 30 james street lunch menu

When it comes to taking time off work, I much prefer to bag myself a cheeky mid-week half day, or even a day off, over the usual Friday/Monday to extend my weekend. It breaks up my week, gives me something to look forward to, and you all know how much I love that cheeky mid-week pamper session! Recently I booked an early dart on a Wednesday and put it to the best possible use, by heading to 30 James Street for the mid-week pamper of dreams. 

Lunch at the Corinthian 

Pampering isn’t just about spa days, lotions and potions guys, it’s about treating yourself, and I’m all for those treats being food and drink related. We popped up to the top floor of the hotel to experience what the Corinthian restaurant had to offer! I’d noticed a lunch menu online - and I love a good lunch menu, so I was ready to devour it surrounded by blue skies, city views and Titanic inspired decor. 

We got there around 3pm and the place was deserted, with only the odd visitor popping up to check out the view from the balconies - sadly we lacked the blue skies and the wind was sending everyone west but they still seemed to enjoy themselves! We were quickly seated and presented with menus. 

2 courses for £19.95, or 3 for £23.95, I opted for the 2. With a massage on the horizon I didn’t want to over indulge and make a show of myself in the treatment room! 

carpathia 30 james street lunch menu

For starters I went for the soup of the day, a traditional tomato and basil with a warm wholewheat roll. I mean it’s soup, so there’s not much that can go wrong but it was delicious and I could have polished off another helping or two! Light, not too creamy, and full of flavour. 

carpathia 30 james street lunch menu

For my main, I had the ravioli ricotta and sun blushed tomato, fresh pesto and I won’t lie, when it came I thought ‘is that it?’. The portion looked tiny, two ravioli parcels onto of a bed of roasted vegetables. I started to consider going for that 3rd course, but as usual, my eyes being far too big for my belly, I had misjudged it completely! The ravioli was delicious, stuffed with ricotta and smothered in a rich pesto sauce. The roasted veggies underneath were plentiful and moorish. I was full, but not stuffed! 

Though I didn’t squeeze a dessert in this time, I’m more than looking forward to heading back and trying a few other things on the menu! We were there for about 1.5hrs, eating, chatting, sipping on a gin, the place had a lovely, cosy, atmosphere with interesting decor. The entire time around 2 other smaller groups were seated, so the midweek seems perfect if you want a quieter dining experience. 

carpathia 30 james street lunch menu

Price wise, I think it’s well worth it. Most lunch menus across the city centre run at about the same price point, but this is certainly on the higher end of a luxury location and a great way to experience what they have to offer without breaking the bank! 

With our delightful lunch complete, it was straight from the top of the hotel, to the bottom, to experience what Morgans Spa had to offer us, but that’ll be a post all of it’s own!

What’s your favourite day of the week to book off work?

Until next time, 

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  1. Haha, I always find myself thinking 'is that it' but then get really full. I'll never learn!

    Corinne x