Wednesday, 13 June 2018

One word intention - 6 month update!

setting a one word intention

Back in January, instead of setting a handful of new years resolutions, I set myself a single word intention to guide me through the year. I did same thing in 2017 and it was eye opening! My word for 2018 is balance. I checked in at the 3 month mark, talking about how I was finding it pretty hard to find a sense of balance in my life. Here I am, 6 months in and slowly, things are starting to turn around.

In some ways, I’m still struggling, but things really feeling very different now. 

  • My yoga practice has picked up and I’ve been rising at 6am to do anywhere from 20 - 40 minutes 5 days a week. I’m feeling stronger, my flexibility is slowly improving, and my mind is much quitter throughout the day. I’ve got to the point where I’m waking up and on the mat before my alarm goes because I genuinely look forward to this quite, me time in the morning.
  • And I’ve been making more me time, less screen time, a huge priority. Especially in the mornings before work. Not every day, but some, I’ll read over breakfast instead of staring at the screen. 
  • With the sun shining more often than not these days, I’ve been getting out and hitting the pavement on my lunch breaks and honestly, I can’t tell you how much this improves my day! 
  • Going back to going offline, I’ve been picking up more books and even magazines, giving me something interesting and different to read without having to rely on staring at a phone screen for no reason. 
  • Last update, I was struggling with taking a step back. I can honestly say this has gotten easier. You don’t need to get involved in everything going on, and it’s OK to say no sometimes. Picking and choosing how and who you spend your time with is allowed

But I’m still coming up against some hurdles;

  • As much as I’m talking about less screen time, I still feel like I’m spending far too much time staring at the screen and getting nothing worthwhile for it. I’m trying to carry my phone less during the day so I don’t check it as often but this lasts for a day? Two, maybe, tops! I’m also watching way too much YouTube. Not even interesting things, pointless things. I have this need for background noise when I’m on the laptop, but the videos end up distracting me and nothing gets done. 
  • I’ve fell completely off the wagon with my meditation practice. Sometimes there's a little tagged onto the end of my yoga practice but nothing like I was doing a few months back. I can’t seem to fit it in of a morning, but when it comes to the evening, I end up leaving it too late.

Things are improving. It’s taking some time and it’s been nothing like 2017’s intention, but I feel like I’m finally starting to get somewhere now. I’m starting to understand what balance means to me, and I do think it’s turning out differently to how I imagined - and thats OK. That’s what it’s all about, it’s a journey, and the destination isn’t always how we pictured, but it’s where we were always supposed to end up. 

How are your 2018 goals/resolutions/intentions coming along?

Until next time 

Header image: Rita Morais

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  1. You are doing great with yoga. It takes time to learn to ignore distractions, don't be too hard with you. If today you are doing better than 6 months ago (and it looks like you do!), then celebrate that, you deserve it. xx