Monday, 25 June 2018

How do you like your avocado? - Castle Street Townhouse

breakfast in liverpool

Heading out for breakfast in Liverpool is one of my favourite weekend treats! Not only is it quieter, but it’s cheaper too, so much more chilled and the city in the dusky morning hours is just far too pretty to not enjoy. This past weekend we had ourselves a little breakfast date and headed to Castle Street Townhouse!

breakfast in liverpool

The sun might not have been shining on our side of the street, but that didn’t stop us from taking a table outside. It was lovely to sit out in the fresh air, and Castle St has a very European, platz style vibe, with so much outdoor seating for the bars and restaurants than run along the street. This side of town is one of my favourite spots, the architecture, the tourist spotting, even just staring up at the Town Hall, it’s so chilled out! There are so many fantastic breakfast spots in Liverpool, we're spoilt for choice! I swear, my goal before I move out of town is to try as many as possible!

breakfast in liverpool

I went for the smashed avocado on sourdough toast with chilli and poached eggs. Yum! I’ve not had avocado on toast for so long and this was just right up my street, super refreshing and light. I’ve never put chilli on my avocado before but the kick actually made what would have otherwise been a simpler, plainer dish way more exciting! 

breakfast in liverpool

The Mr went for 2 fried eggs with chorizo and straw fries. Again, it sounds like a simple enough dish but he cleared his plate - which is a rare thing for him. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with restaurants offering simpler fare if it’s done right and it’s tasty. You don’t need all the bells and whistles! 

Paired with a coke for him and a cranberry juice for me, breakfast came in at just £19! An absolute bargain, great service and good food. I’ve had a little nosey at their lunch menu, 2 courses for £11.95,  the linguine primavera sounds delicious! They have a stuffed sweet potato dish on the a la carte menu that seriously has my name all over it too! I do love a good sweet potato dish!

breakfast in liverpool

I love a Sunday morning breakfast out, followed with a little stroll through town. Most of the shops are only just opening up so everyones milling about, relaxing with a coffee - the city gives off the perfect holiday vibes at times like this! 

What’s your favourite time of day to eat out?

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  1. The avocado on toast looks delicious. I like the idea of the chilli, I have to try that. The price is great too.