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What did my 1st blogging milestones look like? (I bet you can relate to at least 3!)

milestones for bloggers

A lifetime ago I put together a blog post talking about revisiting old websites. I absolutely loved this little trip down the digital memory lane. Inspired by that post, I decided to have a cringeworthy look back on some of my first ever blog posts here at Saloca in Wonderland. Grab yourself a brew and let’s go back through the history!

milestones for bloggers

My FIRST ever blog post

First Post! What a click-baity filled title that was! I can’t believe I posted this all the way back in 2012!! When did my blog hit 6 years old?? Talk about blink and you miss it! I’ve probably spoke about this a million times but originally, this blog was supposed to be about all things and nothing but Disney. I’d like to think I still keep true to my blogging roots, posting a little Disney magic as and when I can, but I’m glad I branched out from the niche in the long run! 

Also note the lack of pictures and back links! Blogging was so different back then!

milestones for bloggers

The FIRST post to surpass 100 page views

Look at me go, less than a month into my blogging journey and I nailed a post that flew past 100 views. Even popping in pictures - screenshots no less! I remember being so proud of this post, thinking it all informative and viral-worthy before the days of anything going viral. Even though the pictured version of Excel is out of date now, the idea of planning your Disney trip in an Excel workbook is still something I stand by and would do (OK, I’m on Mac now) for any and all upcoming trips! 

milestones for bloggers

The FIRST failed daily blogging 

Ah, the start of a very slippery slope. A month into blogging and I thought I was the big I AM of the daily blogging world. Suffice to say it didn’t last long - within 48 hours I’d already missed a day! This became a pattern over the next few years, attempting and always failing at daily blogging! It’s a lesson that has took a long long time to learn but daily blogging will never be for me!

milestones for bloggers

The FIRST post to surpass 1000 page views

Need an excuse to stay on Disney property? This post was the most basic of rundowns but it went down well enough! That euphoria is hitting 1000 views on a post in my first 6 months of blogging was amazing! I think what really made this a magical milestone was it was in the days before we advertised blog posts through Twitter and I knew nothing about SEO either! 

milestones for bloggers

The FIRST (and last) year long break

After a two week break in Walt Disney World, I came home and abandoned the blog. I actually have no idea why I disappeared for an entire year, I had all the plans for putting together a kick ass trip report and just poof! Nothing! Gone! But I eventually came back, and I was out of the niche and into the lifestyle blogging world.

milestones for bloggers

My FIRST ‘sponsored’ post

If you’re a blogger then your first sponsored post will have been a big deal! Praire Charms was the first company to get in touch and ask to work with me and I was so excited! It’s one of those little milestone moments where you feel like you’re finally getting some recognition for the work that goes into your blog. 

milestones for bloggers

My FIRST blogger event

This is when blogging really did become all about the community for me. Writing of any kind can be really lonely. And way back in 2013 barely anyone outside of my immediate family knew about my little ol’ blog (and even they didn’t really understand what blogging was all about then!). The only other blogger I knew in real life was Jackie of Just Add Ginger so to step into a room full of other bloggers, it was crazy! 

milestones for bloggers

The FIRST I carried a watermelon moment

I’d been reading blogs longer than I had been writing one and two bloggers I had been following for the longest time were Hayley Tea Party Beauty and Corinne SkinnedCarTree. So when Hayley organised the first Bloggers Blog Awards back in 2015, I almost wet myself when my invite came through. We’d chatted back and forth on Twitter and commented on each others blogs religiously for so long. Yes, I’d met bloggers before, but these two where my blogging idols. Walking into that event was the most nerve wracking blogging moment hands down. I bumbled my way through hellos before running off to the bar for dutch courage! Clearly I must have done something right because I didn’t scare them off and they’ve become two of my closest friends who I speak to daily all these years on! If there’s only one amazing thing to ever come out of blogging, it will always be the friends I have made thanks to this little corner of the internet! 

what are some of your first blogging milestones that you celebrated? #blogging #bloggers #behindtheblog

As a blogger, what are some of your early blogger days highlights?

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  1. This is such a cute idea for a post!xx

    Lucy |

    1. Thanks! Was fun to look back on some of the old posts!

      Sarah :)

  2. Ah I remember going to the NW Bloggers event together - that seems like so long ago. I also did the collab with Prarie Charms. I was so happy I got chosen for it.

    Looking back over my early posts makes me cringe so much - I've definitely come along way in developing my style since then.

    Jackie O xo

  3. Lovely idea for a post. I should have a look and see my firsts as a blogger too. It's wonderful to remember these small things, and I did enjoy reading about yours. xx