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Grab a brew, get yourself comfy and let’s talk about what I’ve been reading recently. If you’re in need of even more books for your ever growing to be read list, you can check out my previous reading round-ups here, filled with page turning little gems! 

Wool - Hugh Howey

The Mr got this one for Christmas and asked me to read the first couple of pages to see what I thought - that was a mistake on his part. He didn’t get the book back until I finished it! If you’re looking for some light science fiction, a page turning tale of ‘what on Earth is going on?’ and some extremely well developed characters, Wool is for you. The first in Howeys Silo trilogy, Wool opens on a future far from now, where humanity, or what’s left of it, lives in a silo-style structure. It’s a brilliant look at the tiers in society and no matter how far in the future we go, those barriers and attitudes still develop amongst our species. The up top of the silo, where all the important decisions are made, the below where men and women toil night and day to keep the lights on and the water warm with no thanks. The haves and the have-nots, some things really never change. They have one window into the outside world, to gaze upon the wasteland that keeps them inside, but every now and then someone needs to head out there and clean the lens to keep that fearful view in focus. Oh, and did I mention this is a one-way trip? 

The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

I really want to read more Gaimen, so I picked up the first one with his name on I could find on the shelf. This actually turned out to be a really cute, light, fantastical little read. It follows the young life of Nobody Owens, aka Bod. After his entire family are murdered, he finds himself in a  graveyard, whose ghostly residents agree to raise and protect him. With (what I think is!) a vampire for a guardian and dead people as his teachers, all Bod wants is to go off into the world beyond the Graveyard gates. and live like a living boy. Ghouls, ghosts, grisley beings and more, life in the graveyard isn’t as rest in peace as you might imagine. I was totally taken by this book, Gaimen as always takes you on a fantasy adventure that still manages to pull at the heart strings and leave you fuzzy and satisfied by the end. 

Shift - Hugh Howey
After smashing through Wool I ordered Shift before I’d even made it to the last page - there was no way I was leaving it there and not knowing what happens next. Shift goes back, way back to the beginning, setting up the who, how and what came about in order for the dystopian future from Wool to become a reality. It also continues to follow one of the main characters from Wool (I’m trying not to spoil anything here!) who is trying to discover just what the hell is going on and why their lives are this way. I thought I was obsessed with Wool, but Shift kicked it up a whole new level. I just could’t put it down. I found the whole backstory fascinating and the character development was just spot on (and we know I am all about that), there was literally nothing for me to complain about. Howey has this brilliant way of telling someones entire life story just through their motives and actions, he shows you everything you need to know without a long winded telling. That’s a skill I seriously need to cultivate!

Babylons Ashes - James S A Corey
I am always so happy to come back to Corey’s Expanse series. I’ve seen a fair few negative reviews floating around the web and I just don’t get it. OK, it wasn’t my favourite of the series (But unless Corey brings one out that is purely just Amos on every page….) but it was still a good read! The main baddy is a bit wet and useless, but he is supposed to be. How an idiot like that does what he does is laughable, but it just goes to show it doesn’t take a genius to destroy the world. Earth is on it’s knees, pirates are pillaging the inner planets and everyones just a little bit uncertain about what future, if any, could rise out of these ashes. Nowhere near as action packed as the previous book (which I think is a big complaint for some people) but I actually appreciated the step back. In the wake of a huge disaster, most people need to stop for just a second, re-group and try and make sense of what’s just happened - which is what Babylons Ashes does. It’s a less intense read, but an integral part to the overall story.

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty
A friend recommended the show to me, but when I found out there was a book, I figured I would give that a read first. How I’ve not read this before is beyond me because it’s right up my street! If you’re looking for a poolside read for your summer hols then this would be my top pick!  Playground drama, domestic abuse, murder, unreliable witnesses, sexual assault and friendship. Moriarty is a brilliant storyteller who creates characters that are so real, they mirror people in your own life. I found myself laughing and crying at the same time and feeling far too many emotions to handle. 

What have your been reading recently?

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