Friday, 23 February 2018

Disneyland Paris 2017 Part 3

If you’ve ever looked into taking a trip to the Val D’Europe shopping centre whilst visiting Disneyland Paris, then you’ll know just how frustrating it is to find any decent information! Store list? Maps? Times? I Googled the life out of it and pretty much drew a blank, so if a similarly frustrating Google session has brought you here, I’ll tell you what I know!

How do you get to the Val D’Europe shopping mall from Disneyland Paris? Well, we walked. Yup. Took us about 25 minutes from Disney’s Newport Bay Hotel and it was really straightforward. So fire up your maps app and get walking! However, a taxi will take about 5 minutes and if you hop on the train, it takes about 10 and the stop isn’t too far from the Val D’Europe main entrance. 

The shopping centre is bloody massive. I didn’t really know what to expect but this wasn’t it! Everything was so high end, shiny, glossy with that fresh paint feeling about it, everything felt so new. We went in via one of the side entrances, note they have security and bag searches on every entrance/exit. 

We made a beeline for Sephora, because let’s be honest, could we start anywhere else? I desperately wanted to pick up a mall map but every stand I found was empty. Saloca FAIL. There are interactive maps dotted about which helped us navigate the maze that is, the Val D’Europe. I can’t even count how many times we got ourselves lost!

I feel like I failed again when it came to Sephora too. Honestly, I have been spoilt for life by America. The store was small, roasting, crowded and I barely made a dent in my Sephora budget! I picked up the Sephora Mask & Play set, a Ciate varnish marker, Nuxe dry oil and nourishing lip balm and a couple of hair ties! I’m always looking for brands I can’t get back home, or a good exchange rate bargain, and that just doesn’t translate outside of the USA it seems!

One shop that did catch my eye was the Kusmi Tea shop. Tea is the shiny object to my inner magpies eyes, I just cannot walk by without knocking back a few samples and, undoubtedly making a purchase or two. After much tea sipping and chatting with the lovely assistant, I skipped out with a pretty little purchase in hand - get your kettle on and read all about my Kusmi tea collection!

The Val D’Europe has a fantastic food hall with a variety of dining options. Wanting something we couldn’t find in the Disney parks, we headed over to Kyoto Japanese restaurant. This place was booming compared to everything else around it so we had to be on to a winner. 

I went for the shake maguro (€17); miso soup, salad, 4 skewers of bbq coated salmon and tuna with a side of white rice. And of course, a pot of green tea! Hands down, one of the best meals of the trip! The fish tasted amazingly fresh and was smothered in BBQ sauce, it was so so good! Everything came out quickly and piping hot, no complaints here!

We did another once over of the Val D’Europe and stumbed down an escalator that lead us into a gigantic multi-storey hypermarket! If we’d have had more days to go, or this had been day one, we would have happily stocked up on breads and snacks as the prices were much more reasonable than in the parks. Nothing beats a good ol’ french baguette with some ham and cheese! Duely noted for any future trips that’s for sure!

Shopping done, we wandered back to Disney’s Newport Bay hotel, dropped off the shopping and headed straight back out to the Disneyland Park for a while! One thing I love about DLP is how close everything is. We could go from our room in the hotel to the front of either park in less than 20 minutes, which made popping in and out a doodle! We wandered the park for a few hours before heading back into Disney Village for tea at the Rainforest Cafe

As much as I love the theming, my meal was pants! €30+ for cold fish and chip and a thimble of wine. Food and DLP just don’t seem to go hand in hand! Straight from tea it was back to the Disneyland Park to finally watch the fireworks! 

I cried my bloody eyes out. What else did you expect? Oh, and then I asked my best friend to be my maid of honour, so we cried a bit more! These magical moments just bring all the tears out in me!

After a goodnight from Mickey on Main Street we popped into the hotel bar for a night cap before heading off to bed. With one full day left it suddenly felt like we had no time at all left and still so much to do!

Do the Disney fireworks make you cry too?

Until next time, 

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  1. I cry at the fireworks every time. I think this was right near where we stayed last time we went to Disney.

    Corinne x