Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Chaophraya - Liverpool One

places to eat liverpool one chaophraya

Sometimes you just need to step into somewhere lovely for a very quick, lovely lunch with another lovely human being. The Mr and I needed this little moment of loveliness so we popped in Chaophraya, Liverpool One for a little Sunday lunch - all our foodie adventure seem to happen on Sundays it seems. But even a quickie warrants a little review!

I remember going to Chaophraya years ago when the Mr and I first started dating, so of course it brings back lots of memories about first dates, nerves, the fact I destroyed the lining in my then favourite coat pocket whilst waiting for him to arrive with nerves and how he used to always knock the cutlery off the table at some point because he was just as nervous. Suffice to say my latest pockets are still well lined but the cutlery sometimes still finds it’s way to the floor. Some places are more than just a meal, they’re memories too. OKAY enough of the mush, let’s get down with the dishes!

places to eat liverpool one chaophraya

We skipped starters and went straight for the mains. I chose the crispy pork belly with thai basil (£12.50). Crispy pork belly, sugar snap peas and peppers tossed with fresh chillies, garlic and hot basil leaves, with a two chilli spice rating I figured this would help blast out the cold I seem to have come down with! Note that the main dishes don’t come with rice, so you need to order those separately - which we forgot, but luckily our waiter popped back to the table to double check our rice requirements! Steamed rice is £3 a portion, though we got one each, one between us would have been enough! The pork belly was delicious but nowhere near as spicy as I was expecting, I’d take it up another notch next time! 

The Mr went for the Massaman Lamb Curry (£14). Stewed lamb with massaman curry, coconut milk, carrots, potatoes, baby onions and cashew nuts. This only had a one chilli rating so was not spicy at all, but out of the two dishes, it was hands down, the most flavourful! He totally won for best meal. The massaman sauce is just delicious and the lamb was so tender, it just fell apart. Perfect.

places to eat liverpool one chaophraya

I was full to bursting but then the dessert menu happened, and my sweet tooth craved satisfaction. I went for the thai dessert sampler (£7.50), traditional Thai pancakes with pandan leaf custard, mango and coconut sticky rice. Oh. OH. I could eat those pandan leaf pancakes all day long. If you like match flavoured desserts, then these pancakes are for you! The sticky coconut rice has the most bizarre consistency that the Mr wouldn’t touch but I loved it. Both the pancakes and the coconut rice are served warm too, so it went perfectly with my pot of green tea. I've only ever tried pandan pancakes once and I never thought that experience could be beaten...but oh, my tastebuds are so torn!

We both agreed we need to stop by Chaophraya more often! We also noticed a cookery lesson going on that looked so interesting! I love the idea of being taught by professionals then sitting down to sample the delights I’ve hopefully put together, and in such a beautiful setting too! So the Mr and I will be keeping an eye out for that! Would make for an interesting post don’t you think?

What restaurants bring back good memories for you?

Until next time, 

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