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*Where will 2018 take you?

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It’s a New Year, and with that comes plans, plans plans! You can guarantee that I’ve already started pencilling trips and adventures into my planner for 2018 - and road trips are high up on the to-go list! There’s something really freeing about jumping behind the wheel of a car, with your loved ones buckled in and a picnic in the boot. If you’re planning on taking any road trips this New Year, here’s a few tips, tricks and ideas of where your car could take you.

When I was learning to drive, my Dad made a point of making sure I knew how to check over my car before taking a trip. The lovely folks over at Slater & Gordon ( have levelled up my dad’s wise words with this fab little info-graphic below. Dad always hammered home the importance of checking at least these three things;

  • Check the tread depth of your tyres! They must be 1.6mm - 3mm!
  • Top up your screen wash (and anti-freeze in the winter!) and check your wipers are in order - oh that great British weather and all!
  • Test your lights - I am the worst in the world for leaving them on and running my battery flat, so make sure you keep some jumper cables in the boot just in case too!

Remember when you used to take a trip to a new place and you’d put your destination into the AA route planner? Then print it off and place it on the dashboard like an offering to the God’s of the road? I bloody loved those things, and, unpopular opinion here, I prefer them to plugging in the Sat Nav! Whatever you’re preferred set of directions, have them to hand, and think about packing/putting together these few essentials in your road trip survival kit!

  • Playlist - get on over to Spotify and get the tunes in order! Personally, I love a bit of old 90’s cheese that I can sing along to as I’m driving, great for lifting the mood and keeping me awake, especially during nighttime drives!
  • Snacks - from Pringles to peanuts, get a cooler box/bag and get it full! The days of the roadside Little Chef seem to be gone (if they still exist let me know!) and there’s something a bit odd to me about being able to grab a Starbucks and a Greggs - though there bacon baps are the food of goods IMO. Roadtrips are all about snacks, tupperware boxes of ham sandwiches, half melted Penguin bars and fighting over the one and only pack of Salt & Vinegar crisp in the bag. Just don’t eat and drive people!
  • Keep it comfy - When I went camping at the end of Summer, I made a point of travelling in my gym gear and trainers. Best idea ever. Thin, pyjama like layers that are easy to add to or remove if it get’s a bit warm. And, if like me, you usually end up sloshing your water all down yourself, turns out they dry quicker than jeans too! 

Now, where do you want to go? One of the favourite road trips recently was all the way up to Scotland. We had the best time in the car, there was so much to see along the way, beautiful rolling hills, well known landmarks, and so so much green space, living in the city, I never realised just how claustrophobic it is until I was out on wide open roads with nothing but pure space for miles and miles! It was a wonderful drive, I’m pretty sure we only got lost once, but let’s not call it lost, let’s say we took a scenic detour! 

Where will 2018 take you? Whether it’s on the road or elsewhere, I hope your new year is filled with love, luck and happiness. Here’s to the adventure!

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This post is in collaboration with Slater & Gordon. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. For more information see my discalmier policy here.

Header image credit: Daniela Cuevas

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