Monday, 17 December 2018

A date night in Liverpool - Everyman Cinema, The Metquarter

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

Opening this week is Liverpools newest date night offering, the Everyman Cinema, located in Liverpools swankiest of venues, the Met Quarter, Whitechapel. Old Hollywood glamour meets high end swank as the boutique venue boasts 4 screens and offers guests something no other cinema in the city does; a dine in theatre experience.

Upon arriving, you step into a bar area that just screams Saturday night drinks, but the ever comforting smell of freshly popped popcorn fills the room. The Everyman Cinema is a cinema with a difference. It doesn’t have the pick n mix of The Odeon, or the arts vibe of The Fact, nor the nostalgia of the Woolton Picture House, but it has something that really does set it apart. It’s biggest selling point, aside from some cracking cocktails, is it’s dine in experience. You can order food to eat in the bar area, there’s an array of booths and tables available, or, you can have it delivered to your theatre seats prior to the film starting (same goes for your drinks!). 

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

Before entering the theatre, we put our orders in at the bar, the speciality Spielburgers caught my eye, so I ordered the Halloumi burger (£10.50); deep fried halloumi, roasted pepper, aubergine, and harissa mayo with a side of sweet potato fries (£3.50). All burgers comes with hand cut skin on fries as standard. I grabbed my Everyman G&T (£7.95); Langleys gin, Fever Tree, basil & grapefruit, and headed into Screen 1 for my first Everyman cinema experience.

The first thing that hits you is the theatre itself! Gone are your typical cinema seats with their plastic cupholders and skinny armrests, oh no, the Everyman theatres are much cosier than that. The room is filled with single and two seater couches, complete with cushions, a lot of leg room and a side table for your drinks and snacks. 

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

Don’t get me wrong, this is about as cosy as you can get, the couches are lovely, and you can really kick your shoes off and curl up for the film but logistically, this causes some complications. For starters, the side table is great for your drink, but if the person on the couch next to you is a stranger, fumbling in the dark for whose drink is who leads to all kinds of confusion and inevitable spillages. If they don’t move their empties to the small shelf on the couch in front, things really start to pile up quickly. Then, there’s the food.

I’ve only ever experience one dine in theatre before, in America. The seats were the usual cinema style, but the backs of the chairs in front had proper tables attached to them, with condiments and utensils every other seat, and a call button (remember this, this is important). At the Everyman Cinema, your lap is your table. I’m not trying to be all snooty patooty here, I eat off my lap every single night at home, but thats at home. Where I can put a light on, or it doesn’t matter if I unknowingly drip harissa mayo down my chin. Again, I’m looking at this as a potential date venue, and it’s a giggle at first, stuffing your face in the dark, but the novelty soon wares off when you’re fumbling for the ketchup or you’ve no idea were you just dropped that fry! 

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

I’m one of those people who once I’m in my cinema seat, I don’t move until the credits roll, not even for the loo or a refill on my popcorn. I really thought that when they said you could eat and drink throughout the film, there would be a way to get those extra drinks without having to leave your seat. With several other cinemas in the city, the Everyman needs more than couches and cocktails to set it apart for me. The idea of hitting an aeroplane style call button for another g&t as the film really starts to ramp up would be a massive selling point and would sway me to choose seeing the latest blockbuster there over another cinema. They did say we could wave over an usher if we needed anything but in a pitch black theatre, the users had no chance of noticing us. I saw people leave the screen for more drinks and come back 20-25 minutes later. That’s more film than I’m willing to sacrifice just to get another drink! 

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

As a venue, it’s well worth checking out, it has such a fancy, fabulous vibe and I will be making a point of going back - but as for the food and drink situation, I’d be tempted to head in early and chill in the bar prior to the film, eat there, where there’s a table, then take another drink into the film, like I would in any other cinema. For me, this is much more of a Sunday chill, curling up on those couches with the Mr or my friends, after catching up over brunch kinda place, over an evening out! But each to their own remember! 

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Everyman Cinema, Liverpool - what film will you be heading to check out first?

everyman cinema liverpool metquarter

Until next time, 

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Christmas 2018 - Tree Tour

christmas tree inspiration

I have been living for peoples tree posts these last couple of weeks! I absolutely love seeing how different everyone decorates their Christmas trees! From all out glam, to traditional, colour themes, woodland critters, hygge christmas trees and minimalistic magic, they’re all just so pretty! I feel like it’s been forever and a day since I last shared a tree update, which has come a pretty long way since the days of my little pink bedroom tree close to 5 Christmasses ago! 

I’ve levelled up from that little 2ft job to a 6ft hand me down beauty. Over the last couple of years I’ve experimented with going all out, from tinsel to beads and back again, but this year, I decided to go with a less is more approach, which for anyone who knows me and Christmas is almost unheard of! But as I was pulling out decorations, old and new, I couldn’t decide which of them deserved pride of place - so I thought bugger it, they all deserve a little taste of the spotlight over the next couple of weeks. 

I banned the beads and tossed the tinsel, and just went with lights and baubles. It looks much more minimalistic this year but I am loving the finished look! Every time I pass by, or catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, I land on a different ornament and my sentimental heart dives right into the tale behind each and every one!

christmas tree ornaments

The medals

Over the last 6 years I’ve collected 5 Liverpool Santa Dash medals! The Santa Dash is a 5k festive race across the city at the beginning of December and it is a firm tradition for me come December - Christmas doesn’t start until my Santa clad self crosses that finish line and brings another beautiful medal home to tie onto the tree! I’m hoping one day to have enough medals to cover an entire tree - even if it’s just the old 2ft job!

christmas tree ornaments

The Lenox 

I feel like I have shared this one before but, hands down, this is my most luxurious Christmas ornament. I bought this back in 2010 in Walt Disney World, it was the splurgiest of splurge buys but it’s been worth it ever since. How I haven’t dropped and smashed it yet is beyond me, but it’s surviving and it never fails to put a smile on my face. Tink has always been one of my favourite characters and she always takes pride of place on the front of the tree!

christmas tree ornaments

The golden doves

I went on a handmade Christmas kick about 4 years ago and picked these up off Etsy. They’re gold painted ceramic tile pieces with lace imprints that are so thin, dainty and delicate and the perfect little touch on the tree. What I love about these is the love that went into making them, each one is different to the other and I just love that individuality!

christmas tree ornaments

The engagement

One of the nicest engagement presents we received was this amazing personalised Disney ornament from Walt Disney World. My parents took a trip not longer after our engagement and picked this up for us and I just love it. Again, my sentimental ol’ heart just loves anything with such love and beautiful memories behind it! 

christmas tree ornaments

The new additions

Of course, every year something new finds it’s way onto the tree. And can I go to Disneyland Paris without bringing back an ornament or… three? I grabbed the very sparkly gold disc ornament (in the header image!) as a gift with purchase (FYI Disneyland Paris has some of the best gift with purchase offers!). My tree is mostly red and gold, so this fits in perfectly! My Mum then treated us to these beautiful initial baubles that are miniature versions of the exact same ones that appear on the tree on Main Street USA! I absolutely love having them at the top of the tree, I’m a serious sucker for anything remotely personalised!

christmas tree ornaments

What are some of your favourite baubles adorning your tree this year?

Until next time, 

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Monday, 10 December 2018

Currently Reading #12

reading recommendations

I feel like I had some sort of reading burst over the summer, but the last few books have taken me a lifetime to get through! So, get yourself comfy, grab yourself a brew and settle in for my most recently read book round-up!

Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield

I have no idea how to even start conveying how much love I have for this book! I seriously couldn’t put it down! I managed to burn the tea one night as I thought I could skim a couple of pages after popping the chips in the oven. Vida Winter, a reclusive, infamous writer, has decided to finally tell her story, and she’s chosen the bookish mouse, Margaret, to record her final tale. A superbly dark, gothic drama with victorian notions, creepy twins, issues of identity, fire, flames and terrific twist in the end. There were times the text became a touch tedious or predictable, not these happens so infrequently it’s almost worth not mentioning them. From start to finish, I was as captivated as Margaret with Vida’s tale and desperate to figure out what was coming before I got to the final page. It quite literally left me breathless! 

thirteenth tale diane setter field quotes

Some Kind of Wonderful - Giovanna Fletcher

For anyone who is, or has, come out of a long term relationship, you will identify with this book! Lizzy and Ian have been together since time began, she’s been expecting the dream proposal around every corner and when it finally happens - nobody could have predicted the tears and tantrums that proposal goes down in! Heartbroken and single for the first time in forever, Lizzy sets out to find out just who she is now, what does she want now that she’s nobody missus-to-be, now that she only has herself to answer to. It’s the perfect poolside read if you’re jetting off fr a little winter sun, though very predictable at times, I did find myself laughing out loud at Lizzy’s antics! 

some kind of wonderful giovanna fletcher quotes

The Pink Suit - Nicole Mary Kelby

When I saw that picture of Jackie Kennedy wearing her infamous pink Chanel suit on the book jacket, I was instantly intrigued. The American dream like you’ve never heard it told before. From the opulence of the high fashion industry to the traditions of a young Irish immigrants close-minded neighbourhood. Torn between two very different worlds, Kate is thrown into a whirlwind as the country mourns its assassinated president, that suit, the suit, becomes an all encompassing obsession for not only the nation, but for Kate too. I can honestly say, I’ve never seen such detail and rich, luxurious descriptions as I saw in this book, especially when they’re talking about the fabrics, the colours, the textures - it made me want to run out and buy a sewing machine. The idea that behind such an iconic suit was an unknown seamstress with own life and struggles was so intriguing! I loved the stark contrasts between her work and her home life, her quiet strength and struggle for balance. The only thing I will say is the ending was not my cup of tea, I desperately wanted Kate to make a different decision but that being said, the ending did make sense. 

the pink suit nicole mary kelby quotes

This is Going to Hurt - Adam Kay

As someone who works in the NHS, I’m always intrigued by books written by, or based, within the NHS. This one also came so highly recommended by friends that I had to grab a copy. I’ll be honest, it’s worth a read, but, it really frustrated me at times. As funny as so many of the stories were, it was painfully obvious that some had been seriously exaggerated, I’m talking airbrushed to within an inch of their life. That didn’t make them any less enjoyable, but it is worth bearing in mind when reading. I found the ended came abruptly, much like Kay’s career as a Dr - to which I’m sure he went through much more decision making and turmoil over, now that I would have wanted to read about. It was a quick read, a few eye opening passages, and it did give some insight into the trials and tribulations of Jr Dr life. 

this is going to hurt adam kay quotes

Got any book recommendations for me? Get in touch and let's get reading!

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

It's not Christmas until...

Guys, I don’t mean to alarm you but….IT’S DECEMBER!! Just incase you hadn’t realised already, but Christmas is coming around fast this year (too bloody fast if you ask me!) and around here, December is pretty much all about one thing, and one thing only! 


I don’t know about you, but for me, I can’t even think about fully embracing the holiday season without a few must haves, must eats, and of course, a few traditions on top too. For me it’s not Christmas until…

I’ve watched…

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! I swear, this is the marmite of all Christmas films! I ask everyone about this film every Christmas and it’s such a split, not only as to who has actually seen it, but who likes it too! The only person I know who loves it just as much as me is my Dad, who introduced it to me forever ago and it’s our all time favourite Christmas film! 

Other must watch films include; Love Actually, The Holiday, The Polar Express, The Santa Clause, and all of the Friends Christmas themed episodes!

I also watch the Walt Disney World Christmas Wishes fireworks about a million times on YouTube too, I mean come on, it’s Disney and Christmas!

I’ve eaten…

I’m currently sat munching my way through a bag of Lebkuchen Stars to make sure I’m in a festive enough mood for writing this post! They’re so moorish and tasty! But for me, the ultimate Christmas food has always been, and will always be, my Mum’s homemade bun loaf. She’s followed the recipe from a cook book that’s older than me for as long as I can remember. The mixed fruit, the all spice, it’s everything Christmas in each slice! 

I’m also pretty happy with a few mulled ciders in me too, I might even sing a few carols for you too!

I’ve listened to…

Since 2013, there is one, and only one album that I want to listen to all Christmas long and that is Kelly Clarkson - Wrapped in Red. It’s the perfect mix of old school Christmas tunes and some serious jump arounds than you can’t help but belt out as you rock around your own Christmas. Underneath the tree is probably one of my most played tracks off the entire album! 

I’ve smelt…

You know those little pine twigs that are scented like real Christmas trees? I bloody love them! I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, but I love how that not so toilet-cleaner pine scent just fills the room, it’s just lovely! I also love anything that has a peppermint scent to it too! I’m a sucker for a peppermint body wash/body lotion this time of year. That sweet treat, sugary scent just get’s me every time and never fails to put a smile on my face!

I’ve worn…

It’s all about the Christmas jumpers for me! My goal would be to build up a serious collection over the years to have almost enough for a different one everyday in December! I think I have about 6 so far! From 1st December I pretty much live in them! I’d love a few Christmas dresses but I’ve not managed to pick one up just yet - maybe this year!

I also wear this adorable snowflake earring and necklace set I bought on Jewellery Box a few years back. They’re a very simple sterling silver snowflake design, understated but very cute and dainty. I love how it adds a touch of Christmas to everything I wear, even if I don’t have a Christmas jumper on!

I’ve visited…

The theatre! Back when we were kids we used to go to the cinema every Christmas eve to see whatever that years big Christmas blockbuster was, then we’d get a takeaway on the way home! I think we’ve taken it up a notch or two now, instead of the cinema, we head to Liverpools Royal Court to see that years Christmas show. I legit cry laughing at these shows, they’re super festive, super fun and super scouse! It’s become a solid family tradition of ours now!

christmas traditions

Now it’s your turn, what do you have to have/do/eat/smell/wear before it really feels like Christmas to you?

Until next time, 

saloca in wonderland


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Monday, 3 December 2018

November 2018 - Moments and Highlights

november highlights

And just like that we’re racing towards the finish line of 2018! I don’t even know how we got here so far but the is it, the home stretch, 2019 is literally on the horizon now - anyone else kinda terrified by this thought?? I know I am!

So now it’s December, let’s have a look back on the second the last month of the year, November! 

We booked our wedding venue!

Right at the start of the month we went to view the wedding venue we have talked about since the day we got engaged. It took us close to 18 months post engagement to finally go and check it out, but I knew, I just knew that as soon as I set foot there I wouldn’t be able to leave without putting our names down. 

Everything about the venue ticked all my wedding boxes. Not only that, but the wedding co-ordinator was just the loveliest lady and it was, hands down, one of the most welcoming open days I’ve been to since getting engaged. I’d also took both our Mums along too and we all firmly felt the same - this place was the place. One thing led to another, and we had our deposit down and our date set! I won’t give anything away just yet but get your biggest hat ready for 2020! 

Reel Big Fish & Less Than Jake

One of the first gigs the Mr and I went to was over 5 years ago now and it was Reel Big Fish at the O2 Academy in Liverpool. We’ve both been wanting to see them again but never had the opportunity until now! I swear, they were even better 5 years down the line. I couldn’t stop smiling and singing my heart out all night long, the atmosphere was phenomenal! We went with some of our best friends and just had an absolute ball all night! I’ve never seen Less than Jake before but they were just brilliant too, they flipping owned that stage and I haven’t stopped listening to them since!

It's been almost a week now since I got home from @disneylandparis and I'm still ridiculously frustrated by how the trip turned out! I'm angry more than anything that 90% of the trip was taken away from me BUT with what time I did get to spend in the parks, those brief moments were absolutly FULL to the brim of magic and I wouldn't trade them for anything! But oh to take flight and find myself back in Neverland, someday, someday! . . . #zipadeedoodah #disneyfam #disnerds #disneyday #disneyinstagram #disneygramers #disneyig #dlp #disneyforever #disneyvacation #solovelysofree #myeverydaymagic #workharddreambig #keeppushing #sticktotheplan #reachyourgoals #beabetteryou #bethebestyou #liftothersup #dontsettleforless #taketheleap #alifeofintention #letsgosomewhere #wandermore #wandergram #speechlessplaces #sidewalkerdaily #prettylittletrips #awakethesoul #earthoutdoors
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Disneyland Paris

Oh guys…GUYS!!! I finally got back to Disney and for Christmas too, and honestly, I can’t even believe how the trip turned out! I’ll be getting a trip report up soon but things just did not go to plan in the slightest! With 5 magical days planned, I only actually made it into the parks for about 2 days. I’m still flipping fuming about this, I ended up so stinking sick, it was terrifying, heartbreaking and a little less than magical.

Urgh. Regardless, I did get a taste of the Christmas magic and it was still breathtaking! What time I did get to spend in the parks, I managed to squeeze as much magic as possible out of it! I also managed to pick up a few trinkets and treats so I might have to do a cheeky little haul too! Watch this space!

7 Skin Method Update

Last month I talked about my love for the Garnier Rose Water Toner and my foray into the 7 skin method and thought it was worth mentioning that I’ve just picked up another bottle because I genuinely love it that much. It’s getting colder, the air is getting drier in work and my skin is still looking and feeling ridiculously hydrated and I am well and truly putting it down to the 7 skin method! Like I said in the original post, I’m not always doing 7 layers, but minimum 3 in the morning and 3 - 7 in the evening. 

7 skin method uk

Give it a try for just a week and tell me you can’t see a difference - because I just know you will! Just make sure your toner or essence is alcohol free!

And you’ve been loving…
The most loved post this month as actually been Octobers Moments and Highlights! I’m actually super happy about this because I have been loving putting these posts together over the last few months and it’s great to see them going down well with you lovely lot! There’s something really lovely about looking back on the previous month and realising just how many amazing memories you’ve managed to make! 

I can’t wait to see how December unfolds, the festive season is well and truly upon us and I’ve got so much planned, next months round up should be a pretty good one!

november highlights

How was your November?

Until next time, 
saloca in wonderland


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Wednesday, 28 November 2018

*Emergency Entertaining Tips for Christmas

lambrini christmas cocktails

The festive season is hot on our heels people! From last minute shopping to unexpected guests dropping by, who knows what Christmas is going to throw at you this year? But with a bottle of Lambrini on hand a few other Christmas hostess essentials, you can be ready for each and every last minute guest who might come carolling at your door!

Quick cocktail essentials

What you’re going to need to keep on hand: Lambrini, frozen berries, a simple sugar syrup, candy canes and/or edible glitters. (For a non-alcoholic version, switch the Lambrini out for the white Sholer).

Cute but classic, pop some frozen berries into the bottom of the glass then top with Lambrini. Go for smaller, red berries to keep it festive and for an extra festive touch, rim the glasses with the sugar syrup then dip into crushed candy canes or edible glitter. If you don’t have the time for that, simply pop the edible glitter into the Lambrini and give it a stir! 

If you don’t have any or enough Christmas themed glasses, make sure to keep some festive themed wine glass charms to hand so that every glass you hand out has a little extra Christmas magic. 

lambrini christmas cocktails

Ready and waiting snacks and treats

Better than passing around the plastic celebrations tubs - use festive themed cake stands, serving dishes and platters. If you’ve got the time - and notice, to top them with hand made creations, hurrah, if not, crack the frosty fancies out the box and arrange them on the dishes.

For a half-handmade attempt, why not dip half an Oreo in white chocolate then top with red sugar balls for some cute Christmas Oreo-puds. Fill wine glasses with nuts and mini pretzals, making sure to rim the glasses with the sugar syrup and glitter combo from the Lambrini cocktails to keep everything simple but extra festive. You can never have too much glitter at Christmas.

Top tip! If you’re only providing light nibbles, don’t bother with paper plates and just use festive themed napkins instead!


If you’re a candle person, light them up at least an hour before company arrives. If your guests are that unexpected, light them as soon as they sit down, before heading off to the kitchen to get those Lambrini Christmas cocktails ready. Scents invoke such strong memories, and a classic Christmas scent will put everyone in a much more festive mood - including your potentially frazzled self. 

If you don’t care for candles, why not try adding some pine scent sprigs or sachets into your tree. Your guests are going to love getting a real winter wonderland experience when they take in that fresh pine scent as they admire your fairy lights and baubles.

Game on

From a pack of playing cards to Dobble, make sure you’ve got a couple of good ol’ classic games on hand. I don’t know what it is about Christmas but it just has me craving for a round of Monopoly or charades. And everyone else seems to have a hankering just the same! Charades or Pictionary are ideal for bigger gatherings, especially if everyone is comfortable with each other, but if all you have are a packet of post-its to hand, who am I is sure to get everyone involved - and is a little less rambunctious! 

lambrini christmas cocktails

Turn up the tunes

Because even a last minute gathering needs some atmosphere. If you’ve already got a personally curated playlist, smash that play button as soon as you’ve sent the sure, come right on over WhatsApp back. You weren’t expecting company but you’re about to have it so you need to get yourself in the mood before they come carolling on your doorstep. If you haven’t put something together, 5 seconds on either Spotify or YouTube will have you sorted with a festive playlist to suit any and all gatherings. 

I love setting my playlists up on my smart tv, and encouraging guests to add their own tunes to the playlist as the night unfolds. Everyone feels involved and you don’t have to worry about a deafening silence approaching. 

It doesn’t take much preparation to be the hostess with the mostess this holiday season, just a few essentials and at least a 5 minute warning before those guests drop by - you’re going to be so prepared already that they’ll be convinced you’ve been waiting for them! 

What’s one essential you always keep on hand over the Christmas season?

Until next time, 

This post is in collaboration with Lambrini. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information please see my disclaimer policy.