Monday, 4 December 2017

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Before I head into pure festive feel good tv shows and films, I thought it was about time I shared what’s been happening on my box recently! A few new shows, a few new seasons of old favourites, let’s grab the remote and dive right in!


It can’t be denied, Netflix know how to do their shows and they do them so well you will loose 4 hours on a Sunday morning unable to stop watching. Punisher was jaw dropping, heart breaking and breathe taking. The action was on point, violent, squeamishly gory and everything you expect Punisher to be. The casting is perfect and the last few episodes are just, oh blimey, OH MY, just go see for yourself! If you were a fan of the original film you won’t be disappointed!

Mad Men

This is one of those shows that everyone has been telling me to watch for years and finally I’ve sat down, popped it on and I am hooked! There’s just something about that era in history, the male/female dynamics, the attitudes, the dresses, it just totally sucks me in. I’ve never known a show that has me really disliking nearly all the characters - especially the main guy, Don Draper. URGH!! 


Season 3 is well and truly underway and this show just keeps me coming back for more. Just when I didn’t really think they could go anyway else with are time-parted lovers, they really really do and the adventures, the romance, the drama, is all sails to the wind and full steam ahead! I really want to give the books a try but I’m worried I’ll come across spoilers! 

The Good Place

I thought this would just be feel good fun background tv but I’ve actually gotten really into it, it’s funny, endearing, plot twisting, just a totally unexpected interesting watch! 

Star Trek Discovery

I’ve been struggling with this one since episode 1! I’m actually really enjoying it but I just can’t see it as a prequel to the Star Trek we already know and love. I’ve watched a lot of the original seasons and this just looks and feels too modern for me. But, if I think of it as something completely separate and on it’s own, it works for me. It looks great, the story is semi-compelling and it’s an easy watch.

Stranger Things

I think it’s safe to say we blitzed through the second season in record time and bloody hell was it a good one! I love how the kids have grown, the music choices, the storyline, Hopper! I recently started rewatching season one with my Dad and it was even better the second time around! I don’t know how anyone could not love this show!

But now the tree is up, the festive playlist is on the go and it’s all about Christmas films, christmas specials and vlogmas YouTube binging all month long!

What will you be watching this holiday season?

Until next time, 


  1. I love posts about series! I've not heard about Punisher, need to give that a go! And I think I'll finally start Mad Men too. Xx

  2. I've been loving Star Trek but I'm doing the same - basically seeing it as not connected to the older series, but as a stand alone! x

  3. I loved Mad Men and Outlander. I don't know if you saw on my blog that I've visited a few filming locations from Outlander.