Wednesday, 20 December 2017

*Getting Organised for the New Year

I’m all about the festivities over the Christmas period but what I really love is the New Year prep! Resolutions, plans, clearing out, getting organised, I love it. I’ve got so much to get ready over the next 12 months, with a wedding and becoming a home owner on the horizon, it’s about time I got myself and my space organised!

I’ve been loving this 2018 planner from Lulu Guinness, not only is is just downright pretty to look at it but it’s really making getting ready for 2018, dare I say it? Too easy! With each week on a page and a full notes page for each week, plans, budgets, meal planning and more is all exactly where I need it to be. There’s a sturdy pocket separating each month, ideal for keeping receipts, wage slips, appointment cards or mementos from the month past too which I absolutely love! I never throw my planners away so being able to double this one up as a little memory keeping project/diary means there’s one less thing I have to buy in the New Year!

There’s an abundance of extra notes pages in the back, perfect for tracking any monthly/yearly goals too, so I’m thinking of doing some bullet-journal-esq set ups back there and putting them to good use! Oh, and if the monthly pockets were’t enough for you, theres an extra one in the back too!

So, now I have my planner, lets have a look at the plans I’m making to get ready for 2018!

Birthday/event prep

I am the worst in the world when it comes to birthdays. I am terrible with dates and am constantly forgetting until a day or so before, then having to frantically rush out and buy something or do a cheeky Prime order (thank the Amazon gods for gift wrap options!). So, this year, as all the birthdays have come around, I’ve been putting them into a document on my laptop - these I am going to transfer into my planner on both the month at a glance and the individual day it falls on! This should mean I’ve given myself a bit more notice to pick up a prezzy! And of course, presents need wrapping, so I’ll be keeping the LuLu Guinness gift wrap book close to hand!

Meal Planning

I’ve become really obsessed with meal planning this year, more so towards the end of the year. It’s really helping me stay on top of my monthly food budget and actually start using up everything we have before it goes to waste. So, I’m going to kick it up a notch in the New Year and start planning some breakfasts and lunches too. Usually I just wing these but I think I will save myself both time and money my planning a few in advance!

Challenge accepted

One thing I really want to do in the New Year is set myself monthly challenges. From fitness to finance, I want a challenge each month and I want a way to track it. Having it all in the one planner means it’ll be easy to see my progress (or, undoubtedly, lack there of). If you’ve got any challenges in mind let me know in the comments! Plus, I can put those bullet-journal-esq pages to good use!


Life is pretty expensive, but when you throw in a marriage, house buying, and not wanting to live like a hermit, it gets even more so! I’ve never been one for budget apps and find my finances much easier to understand when I put pen to paper. I’m not going to set a budget for the year, I’m thinking of doing it on a monthly basis as some are going to have more outgoings than others thanks to birthdays/pre-planned events etc. I tried a few money saving challenges this past year and they really helped boost my savings, I think visually shading those boxes in when the total went up each month really spurred me on too!

Things to do, places to go and people to see

I feel like its all too easy sometimes to fall behind on planning events and trips with friends and family. Usually when I’m asked, I’m all for it, but I never feel like I’m the one doing the asking. So, I’m going to keep an eye out for upcoming film releases and local events, jot them down and try to be the plan maker for a change. The LuLu Guinness planner actually has a section at the back for jotting down upcoming shows and exhibits so this is perfect!

When do you start making plans for the year to come?

Until next time, 


  1. Yay I got this too! I might actually try to use the diary at work even though I fail at them and do better by just remembering stuff in my head. LOL.

    Corinne x

    1. Its too pretty not to use! I am useless at remembering stuff in my head so putting it all down on paper really helps!

      Sarah :)