Wednesday, 25 October 2017

21 MUST take photos in Disneyland Paris

disneyland paris photo challenge

I love a good photo challenge, and what could be better than a Disney related one? With my Disneyland Paris trip just one week away, I figured I’d set up a little photo taking bucket list (and hey, I’ll get another post out of this one once I get back and share my snaps!). If you’ve got a DLP trip coming up soon, why not take the challenge yourself?

21 MUST take photos in Disneyland Paris
  1. My reaction when I first see the castle
  2. A shot outside my hotel room door
  3. Meeting Mickey Mouse
  4. Posing with a Princess
  5. Mickey shaped snacks
  6. Main Street USA at night
  7. Selfie in my mouse ears
  8. Lost in Alice’s Curious Labyrinth
  9. Behind the wheel on Autopia
  10. Posing in the Discovery Arcade
  11. My view from Dumbo
  12. Discovering Maleficents lair
  13. The name of my trusty steed on Lancelots Carousel
  14. Spinning on the Tea Cups
  15. My view from the Orbitron
  16. Posing at the castle in the day time
  17. Posing at the castle in the night time
  18. My view from the top of PanoraMagic
  19. Cheers with a cocktail (or 3)
  20. Trying on as many character hats/ears as you can find
  21. Disneybound OOTD
What are your must take photos when in Disneyland Paris?

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