Monday, 23 October 2017

Afternoon Tea - Koukash - Liverpool

afternoon tea koukash liverpool review

After a long, luxurious morning at the Eforea spa, what better way to finish off my top to toe pampering day than with a little afternoon tea? You can have this added on to any of their spa packages, and why wouldn’t you? Finger sandwiches, dainty cakes, prosecco and unlimited hot tea? Consider me signed up!

Being a Monday afternoon, I pretty much had the entirety of the Koukash restaurant to myself. So, here’s a little confession, coffee shop stops aside, I’ve never actually eaten out alone before. I was a little nervous, would I look weird? Alone? Sad? Would the waiter ask to wait until my company arrives for the food to be brought out? I’ve never taken myself out on a date, I had no idea how this would work!

Insert Paul, my server for the afternoon who was, hands down, straight out of Downton Abbey and an absolute joy. He had me laughing, smiling, insisted I started with prosecco and never let the tea pot run dry. Unfortunatly, he wasn’t allowed to take a pew so I had to prepare to enjoy my own company *shudder*.

afternoon tea koukash liverpool review

Prosecco sipping, the afternoon tea for one was brought out. Three tiers of treats just waiting to be devoured. As afternoon teas go, Koukash’s airs on the more traditional side, starting with 4 finger sandwiches; cheese and pickle, egg and cress, ham and mustard and a salmon and cream cheese. Not the biggest cheese and pickle fan, it wasn’t all that bad! The ham and salmon were undoubtedly my favourites, super tasty and light!

afternoon tea koukash liverpool review

Next tier up and we’re onto the cakes. I had three to choose from; red velvet, batten-burg and what I think was a salted caramel - one of these day’s I’ll remember to ask before I dig in! Each one was a delicate delight. I half wish they were a few mouthfuls bigger, but who can resist the cuteness of a dainty cake? The one I think was salted caramel was the biggest winner, though the red velvet came a close second. The frosting was a little too sweet but who am I to turn my nose up at cake?

afternoon tea koukash liverpool review

Last, but certainly not least, the final tier and the icing on the cake for my day at the Doubletree, a fresh baked scone with clotted cream and jam. Is it just me or is this always the best part of an afternoon tea? I do love me a good scone, cream then jam of course! Filled with fruit and mahoosive, it went down very well with another cup of english breakfast tea. 

Comfy-cosy surroundings, my own company turning out to not be all that bad, and freshly baked cakes and scones, I mean really, what do I have to do to make every Monday this divine? 

afternoon tea koukash liverpool review

What’s your favourite part of afternoon tea?

Until next time, 

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  1. That afternoon tea stand is so damn cute! I love the concept of afternoon tea but I've only had it twice!
    Your extremely brave for taking Afternoon Tea on your own however I bet it was an amazing experience to chill out, kick back and enjoy your own company!
    My favourite part of afternoon tea is the cakes, hands down!
    Ffi | The Essence of Red