Monday, 4 September 2017

13 things that happen when you get engaged!

what happens after you get engaged

I am an engaged lady. And I am grinning like an idiot as I type this. Engaged. Me! He put a ring on it during our trip to Berlin and I have had nothing but wedding bells on the brain. I always thought getting engaged would be pretty exciting, but it turns out a lot of unexpected things happen as soon as you know you’ll be slipping into something borrowed, something blue. 

Here’s 13 things that will happen to you when you get engaged!

You suddenly become very conscious of the hairs on your finger.
Not going to like, I have zoomed in on a couple of ring pics to see if any of those pesky hairs stand out! Let’s face it, we’re all a little hairy, it’s natural, but it’s ridiculous how conscious one ring makes you of au natural fingers! 

Your nails get more attention than your brows.
People are only going to be looking at one thing, and that’s the ring, and what’s your ring on? Your finger - which has nails! Don’t let your ring down by having chipped polish and never ending cuticles. Grab a file and some moisturiser and get down to business.

what happens after you get engaged

You pop a lot of prosecco.
At one point I felt like a walking bottle with my head as the cork ready to pop over the next glass. Don’t get me wrong, I love my prosecco, but oh the bubbles! 

Every outing post-engagement becomes a celebration - even a trip to the Tesco.
Yes, I have treated myself to things in the Tesco with the excuse that we’re celebrating our engagement so of course, I need another bag of Flipz and box of cheeky Pop Tarts. You have a better excuse than blogging right now to treat yourself, so use it!

You will loose at least one nights sleep convinced you have lost your ring.
First night wearing the ring, I was convinced someone was coming into the hotel room to take the ring. I also kept waking up thinking they had succeeded and fumbled in the dark to check it was still on my finger!

And you will have at least one lost ring related nightmare.
Diamonds are strong but dreams are stronger! I’ve had at least two nightmares so far about busting the ring, usually chipping it or cutting it in half on a wall - I woke up from one of these nightmares wondering if I could go out and buy a replacement ring before the Mr noticed I had broke the original!

what happens after you get engaged

The first day you forget to put your ring on will be one of the longest of your life.
I almost went home on my lunch break to get my ring, I was just that paranoid that not being attached to my finger meant it was off into the ether never to be seen again. I also kept forgetting I had forgot to put it on, so would suddenly not see it on my finger and go into a blind panic for a few seconds! I swear, that day gave me a wrinkle!

Pinterest takes on a whole new level of obsession. 
Table decorations, dresses, balloons, invites, budgets, DIY projects, how to store your cards after the event. You name it, you can wedding-ify it and Pin in! I'm easily on my Pinterest a couple of times a day looking for inspiratin and drooling over dresses

Every place you go, you assess it’s wedding venue potential. 
The lighting, the views, the backdrops, I swear I stood in the queue in Starbucks and wondered if we pushed all the tables and chairs back, how much space would we have for dancing?

You can’t take a picture without getting your new bling in shot.
I'm like a kid with a new toy and if I have a chance to show off my engagement ring you can bet on it that I will. It's not my fault it's so photogenic

You get sad when you realise there’s nobody new to tell and show your ring off to.
And ridiculously excited when you stumble across someone you haven't seen in a while. You will never tire of telling your engagement story, that's for sure.

Buying your first fiancé card is exciting.
It's almost like you have levelled up and this whole new world of cards is opened up to you. I'm still excited about getting my first fiance card....if he remembers

It is now acceptable to pull out your Monica inspired wedding planner. 
Because really, who doesn't have one? I've always had little ideas here and there about the kind of wedding I would like, the music, the flowers, the dress, who doesn't? At least now it's slightly more acceptable to babble on about it and be totally open about all your wedding dreams! 

what happens after you get engaged

Are you engaged? Have you had any of these thoughts and feelings? Any tips to share with me? 

Until next time, 


  1. I'm sure I told you before, but it doesn't matter, I will say it again: Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you. xx

    The post is hilarious. I did a few things on the list myself a few (well, many) years ago when we got engaged.

  2. Aw Congrats lovely!! That's so exciting - hope you have all the lovely engagement celebrations! x