Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reading Round Up #3

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I feel like I am smashing my reading goals this year! I'm already close to having read 15 books so far this year! That might not be much for some but it's great for me! So without further rambling, let's have a look at my latest reads! Go on, I'll give you time to go grab a brew!

The Circle - Dave Eggers
This has probably been my favourite book of the year so far! It's because of this book that I ended up taking close to a 2 month social media/blogging break! If you ever want to see where transparency across social media will undoubtedly, in my opinion, take us, this book will tell you exactly that! We follow Mae as she bags her dream job at the Google like The Circle. She starts to fall down the social media rabbit hole, exposing more and more of her own life to a growing online audience. This leads down some pretty dark and dangerous paths that don't always have a happy ending. When the time comes for her to choose between a life on the grid or off the grid, it's not only her own life that that is in jeopardy! 

Brave New World - Aldos Huxley
I honestly thought I had read this years ago but nope, I'd read a couple of excerpts at uni but not the whole thing. Probably not the best book to read when you're having a social media crisis! But read it I did, it came in my Spring CarnLIVal gift bag, so huge thanks to Penguin for that one! Can a native survive in the modern day, bottle grown, drug addled, everyone belong to everyone world? Oh, brave new world, you really aren't all you're cracked up to be! Again, a dystopian future I can see becoming a reality if we're not careful!

The Happiness Effect - Donna Fritas
And to top off my anti-social media attitude, I popped into my local library and this was right at the front as I walked in. It's like it knew exactly what had been going through my mind of late and came out to find me! This book follows Donna around dozens of American Colleges exploring how students these days are loving, loathing, self promoting an meticulously curating their online selves. It's an amazing and very relatable insight into the effect social media is having on these students and how they're choosing to fake happiness over painting a true picture of themselves. How some are choosing to hide behind anonymous profiles in order to bully and abuse others, saying and doing things they would never to someones actual face and mostly getting away with it. 

The Girl on the Train - Paula Hawkins
I've been hearing everyone talking about this and I was just about to sit down and give the film a watch when I got the chance to read the book. From start to finish I was gripped! I loved the style, telling the story from three points of view in a diary-esq style. There comes a point were you really don't know which narrator you can trust and you start pointing the finger at everyone. It's pretty fast paced, moving along swiftly, and the ending really did take me by surprise which feels like a rare thing these days! Now to see how the film matches up!

Lyrebird - Cecelia Ahern
I have been a huge fan of Aherns since the P.S I Love You days, I don't think there's a book she’s wrote that I haven't read! It took me a while to finally get around to reading this one and I've got to say, I was disappointed. Her books are usually filled with so much magic, and though this had that ethereal presence to it, it still felt like something was missing. Lyrebird follows the tale of Laura, born in secret with the gift of mimic, she is taken from her rural hideaway and thrust into the limelight of a reality tv show. Some parts of this book I loved, but the ending really didn't leave me with any lasting sentiment towards the book. 

What have you been reading recently?

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  1. I didn't think The Girl on the Train lived up to the hype, but I still enjoyed reading it. I have yet to watch the movie because I've been on vacation and then moving, what did you think? And someone else just mentioned The Circle, I'll definitely have to check it out!

  2. I heard about The Girl on the Train many times and I want to read it, sounds great. I will eventually get to it, now I have a big pile of books I want to read.