Wednesday, 17 May 2017

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netflix binge ideas

Even though I’ve been making a conscious effort to pick up a book over having a Netflix binge, I still seem to be working my way through some of my favourite shows and starting a few new ones! So let’s have a mooch at what’s been happening on my box!

Versailles Season 2 - I loved the first season of this when it aired on BBC last year and couldn’t wait for it to come back for a second round. Following Louis XIV, the Sun King, the builder of Versailles and the father of court rules, rituals and decorum, season 2 is set to be scandalous and intriguing from start to finish. Watching this show just makes me want to buy all the pretty dresses and take a trip out to France to see the actual Versailles! 

Reign - I have a thing for period dramas set around court life and royalty. I figure I must have been one of Henrys unfortunate wives in a past life or something! Reign follows a young Mary, Queen of Scots and her inevitable rise to power. The costumes in this show are jaw-droppingly phenomenal. It has a very Sophia Copella/Marie Antoinette feel about it, a period piece set to modern day music and everyone speaking English (considering the whole thing is currently set in France). I actually like this approach as it shows just how young, this young queen is. I’m only on season 1, I think theres around 4 seasons available so I’ve got a long way to go to catching up!

RuPaul Season 9 - I have never, ever, ever seen a single episode of Drag Race until now. With everyone I know talking about it, I figured I’d give it a go and see what all the fuss was about - so I started with the latest season, and I’m hooked. The drama, the transformations, the fan-drag-ulous quips and humour. This is my guilty pleasure tv show!

Once Season 6 - With just one  more episode to go for the sixth season, oh my heart, I can’t take it. I have been a huge fan of this show since season 1 and really can’t wait for it to come back for a 7th season next year. I know we’re about to lose some favourite and beloved cast members that have been with us on this journey since the start and my heart just breaks. Though the show won’ be the same without Snow and Charming, I still can’t wait to see where they take it next. The musical episode (how has it took 6 seasons to finally get one?) was easily one of the best episodes the show has done in it’s history! I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack!

Night Shift - If Scrubs and Greys Anatomy had a baby, Night Shift would be it. Never, in all my tv watching days, have I seen a show start, tell and complete so many story lines in a single episode. Just watch the pilot! They must open up about 10 cans of worms and wrap up each one in a neat little bow in 50 minutes. It’s funny, emotional, with quick but believable character development and some cracking story lines. You really have to pay attention to whats going on in the background too as it’s usually always random and hilarious. The Mr says I must like it as I never pick up my phone when watching it! And that really is saying something!

Masterchef Season 10 - I know the show has finished and the winner has been crowned but I’m still only about half way through the season right now! I’ve never watched a season of Masterchef the whole way through but I am loving it! It makes me want to get into our tiny kitchen and get my cook on - I mean it won’t be anything fancier than a spag bol with homemade garlic bread but hey, I’ll attempt a pretty plate and garnish! I’m still not sure who I want to win at this point, but I do wish a few of the contestants would come round and cook for me!

Amazing Hotels - Beyond the Lobby  - Just incase you were running short of unbelievable hotels to stay in on your bucket list, this show has got a few I’m sure you’ll want to add! From Ice Hotels to dining with giraffes, an eco friendly escape in the rainforest and an infinity pool you really have to see to believe - can I just win the lottery now please and spend a week in each? Totally wanderlust wish list worthy!

What have you been watching lately?

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  1. Masterchef is great. My favourite is Masterchef Professionals, as I always learn new things from them. I love Amazing Hotels - Beyond the Lobby too, the Giraffe Hotel and the one in Canada were the ones I would love to book this moment, really amazing.

  2. I need to get stuck into some of these, thank you for sharing! x

  3. Great article, love your sharing so much, thank you!

  4. I'm so behind on Reign. I stopped watching after they killed off a certain character in season 3, and I need to get back into it. Probably once the last season is up on Netflix. And I have a few episodes of Once Upon a Time to catch up on. I'm not sure if I'm gonna watch it next season, knowing that it's gonna be a reboot. They really should have just wrapped it up, with so many of the major stars exiting.