Wednesday, 12 April 2017

*Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company - What's your brew?

kent and sussex tea and coffee company review

There’s nothing I love more than a good excuse to put the kettle on and settle down with a brew. There’s something about getting all cosy with a cuppa that doesn’t just quench my thirst, but it feeds my soul too. I love nothing more than finding a new leaf to steep or a flavour combination that you can’t quite buy on the shelves in Tesco. Say hello to Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee company - an independent loose leaf and coffee bean specialist. 

Whatever the weather, whatever the mood, be it the one I’m trying to get out of or in to, tea always has the answer. So when the wonderful people at Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee got in touch with some exciting tea related prospects, I put my best tea pot forward. We had a quick chat about the types of tea that tickle my tastebuds - I’m always in the mood for a full bodied black tea, or a health kicking green tea

Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee specialise in over 1000 personally selected teas and coffees, and there really is something for everyone. They have such an extensive and ever growing collection of tea that it’s hard to know where to start! You can shop my tea region, type, or targeted health benefits. You won’t be finding your run of the mill Earl Grey here that’s for sure - ok, you will find a traditional Earl Grey, but why go traditional when you could have a Versailles Earl Grey or even a tantalising liquorice Earl Grey

With green and black tea in mind, Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee kindly sent me the following teas to brew up and report back on. I love nothing more than a good brew off, so, ready, set BREW!

kent and sussex tea and coffee company review

English Breakfast Tea FOP - This gives even the most simplest of breakfasts an indulgent, almost regal like feel. Traditional English Breakfast tea with a blend of assam and ceylon leaves, is mixed with the delicate floral notes of orange pekoe. The leaves themselves have a real warm, almost Jaffa Cake meets cinnamon scent to them, which brews into a heady, tackle the day, black tea. It’s designed with hydration, relaxation and refreshment in mind, so a good one for the morning after the night before too!

kent and sussex tea and coffee company review

Garden of England Afternoon Tea - I’m currently sipping this extraordinary blend as I type up this post - I can’t get enough of it! It’s so rich and full bodied, jam packed with anti-oxidents,  it’s perfect for detoxing, building up your immune system, weight loss and aids in digestion. An eclectic Asian mix, with the addition of blackcurrent that really comes through if you steep it for a longer time. The aftertaste is so warm and comforting. I have a feeling this would make for a wonderful iced tea come summer time!

kent and sussex tea and coffee company review

Mango and Bergamot Sencha Green Tea - This was the one I was most looking forward to trying! I’m a sucker for petal infused teas, they’re so beautiful and delicate. Throw in a heady floral aroma and you’ve won me over. The mango comes through nice and strong in both scent and taste which I love. If you're the kind of person who says green tea is too bitter, then this one would be perfect for you as it's a green tea that just doesn't taste like traditional green tea!

kent and sussex tea and coffee company review

China Sencha Green Tea - Sometimes, you just really need a good strong, traditional, green tea. This one hits the nail on the head. An everyday green tea for all day drinking, jam packed with antioxidants and flavour. I love having this one later in the day, as it's so low in caffeine it's a nice little pick me up without a mega caffeinine crash around bed time!

Each and every tea has been a pleasure to sample! It’s amazing how many different flavours and combinations are out there and I’m just barely scratching the surface! I’ve had a mooch around the Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee and they have some seriously amazing sounding teas on offer. How does Madagascan Vanilla Chai take your fancy? Or a Tiramisu Rooibos blend? I’ve got my eye on their Pomegranate Iced White Tea for summer, it sounds amazing! 

With such an extensive collection of teas, you’re sure to find something that will keep your friends coming around for a brew every night of the week! Just make sure to make some me time to enjoy a few cups of tea too!

What was the last pot of tea you put on?

Until next time, 

Tea kindly provided by Kent & Sussex Tea and Coffee Company. All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own. For more information, see my disclaimer policy here.


  1. I never really experiment with teas, but these sound lovely! xx

  2. I actually don't like any tea or coffee - odd, I know! xx