Monday, 13 February 2017

*Dream Living Room Decor

dream living room decor

One of the biggest issues with renting is that we rent a furnished place which means it’s pretty damn hard to put our own stamp on the place. Sure I throw pillows around like confetti, we hang prints and put down rugs, but not being able to change the biggest pieces really leaves a void in the personalisation of our home. With the prospect of moving out this year possibly on the cards, I can’t stop looking at furniture and planning what our dream home could one day look like.

Lately, I’ve been all about the living rooms and spending more time than I should admit on sites such as FishPools, lusting after their living room decor in particular. With that in mind, here’s a glimpse into what I think my dream living room will one day look like. 

dream living room decor

Let’s start with the big one, the focal point, the make or break point of your living room, the couch! I’ve grown up with both fabric and leather sofas but for me, fabric is by far the cosiest. This Phoenix collection is right up my alley; comfy, cosy and laid back, exactly what I want from my living room. I want it to feel inviting, I want it to wrap guests and myself in a hug and say ‘hey, a cup of tea curled up on here can solve everything’. I love the soft grey colour and with a lemon and blue layer over the top, it will look like a cover of Good Housekeeping. Or so I tell myself!

dream living room decor

Keeping that lemon and blue in mind, This Embroidered Eden Floral is a gorgeous one off with the prettiest of shades. I love miss-matched cushions, that are so alike but so different at the same time, and I could easily pair this with the Retro Bird Cushion because who doesn’t need more bird prints in their life? Throw about these Teal Boucle Cushions to fill the gaps and bring the blues into the palette and jobs a good’un!

I’m not a fan of carpet, but I do love a luxurious fluffy rug. I currently own something super similar to this Luxurious Cosy Rug and it is such a divine feeling to sink your toes deep into the fluffy threads and just bask in it’s cosiness. It really does bring what would otherwise be a cold room into a warmer embrace. 

Next, to the sofa selection, the biggest (literally) that comes next is the furniture, I’m talking coffee tables, television stands, bookcases, side tables, places to hide store my crap! I am in love with this Henley Cream Living Room collection. Everything about it is just me! It’s got a real country kitchen vibe but with a teeny modern twist with the handles. It’s pine and oak top is a neutral colour that goes with everything and it’s designed with wipe clean in mind. 

Then, come the knick knacks. Because I do love my knick knacks! I’ve picked up most of our current ones in TK Maxx, from throws to coasters. They don’t always have what I’m looking for but if you go back often enough (Legit, I am in there on a weekly basis, I think I have a problem) you’ll usually find something you didn’t even know you were looking for! 

dream living room decor

I have an obsession with bringing the outdoors in, I think it comes from having lived in the city for close to 3 years with no garden to call my own. But I love it, so little things like this Grey Cement Leaf bird house would just look too cute up on a shelf. And of course, candles everywhere! This Stoneglow candle in verbena and spiced wood is such a heady, warm scent, remember that hug feeling I was talking about? Yup! I am in love with this Antique Brass Lamp as it’s a subtle nod to the colour of the handles on the Henley furniture. I always have fresh flowers on display so this Aqua Blue Ceramic Vase would be the perfect way to display them whilst bringing back some of those cool blue tones I love so much. 

What does your dream living room look like?

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  1. When we moved into an unfurnished rental place this fall it was so exciting to actually pick out our own furniture that was to our taste! (Though it was expensive - even mostly shopping at Ikea and Wilko) x

    1. I can't wait to pick out my own furniture! I know it's going to be expensive, I'm saving like mad, but there's something so nice about calling it your own. The only big piece we've been able to buy for our current place is a bed and mattress but I just love the fact it's OURS and it will move with us!

      Sarah :)