Monday, 6 February 2017

*Dream Destinations 2017

dream travel destinations 2017

As soon as the Christmas adverts stop, the summer holiday adverts start and I don’t know about you but once the new year is fully underway, I can’t stop thinking about where I want to travel to this year! I’ve been seriously bitten by the get away from it all bug and keep finding myself pursuing the likes of Planet Cruise and planning my next big escape.

I love holidays that combine relaxation with exploration - I want to wrap myself in luxury but still don my trainers and go off exploring. With all my Googling and pinterest mooching, I’ve come up with a couple of places I would love to go to this year…

dream travel destinations

Dream Travel Destinations 2017

Walt Disney World - Never will there be a year I don’t want to go back. Honestly, if I had it my way I would go at least every other year but unless I win the lottery (which I need to actually start playing) then these trips are going to be super few and far between. I even have my to-do list for whenever my next trip happens all ready, but until then, YouTube Vlogs will have to suffice! The magic of Walt Disney World will never stop calling to me!

Europe - I don’t just mean one place, I mean several in one trip! The idea of waking up in a new destination each morning excites me so much! And the adventures that are to be had out at sea? Even more so! The MSC Splendida has a whopping 6 stops including Rome, Palermo, Valletta, and Barcelona! The ship itself is amazing too, with 4 swimming pools, whirlpools, spa, library, casino, games room, 4d cinema and an F1 simulator which the Mr got really excited about! There’s more than enough to do onboard before you even think about disembarking at the ports!

Sorrento - If we’re going to talk specifics, let’s start here, in Sorrento. This place just looks romantically magical, with tons of cultural and historical sites, as well as hiking trails and beautiful piers and beaches. It would be easy to have a busy sightseeing day followed by a day of relaxation and rest - and of course, tons of Italian food!

dream travel destinations in europe

Berlin - Berlin just looks like one of those cities where anything and everything is happening. There is so much to explore, from quirky little galleries to national sites. It has what sounds like a brilliant night life, filled with live music, a huge food market (again, with the food!) and of course, some really top class spas and wellness centers for when the partying gets a little too hard!

New York - New York is one of those places that you have to see to believe, and yes, I want to be the typical tourist, with Time Square, Central Park, Statue of Liberty, Sprinkles, Empire State Building, all the museums and galleries and of course, real New York pizza! I can’t see there being much room to stop and relax but hey, that New York lifestyle is all about go, go, go!

London - You don’t always need to hop on a plane to go on holiday, a train will do too! I’ve been wanting to go back to London for years, and the Mr has never been so it would be a fab trip to take with him! I never did any of the galleries or museums and there are so many kitsch cafes and bars that I’ve learned about through blogging that I really want to go check out! And of course….no trip down south would be complete without checking out The Harry Potter studio tour as there have been so many updates since I last went! If I could bag tickets for Cursed Child too then that would be the cherry on the cake!

Where do you want to visit in 2017?

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  1. I go on a day trip to London around 4 times a year and it's always amazing. Loved this post! X

    1. I'm so jealous! I really need to go more!

      Sarah :)

  2. I was just saying to Billy yesterday that I really wanted to go to Sorrento!

    Corinne x

    1. Do it! I would love to go, it looks amazing, so chilled, romantic and with amazing looking food! I keep pricing it but can't seem to get a good enough deal!

      Sarah :)