Monday, 30 January 2017

Winter Skincare Routine

winter skincare routine for dry skin

I don’t know about you but since January hit my skin has been a mess. Dry, patchy, tight, sore, hopping out of the freezing cold into centrally heated buildings, hopping back into the cold and so on. My poor face is taking an ice cold battering. So here I am, pumping it full of moisture and showing it some much needed TLC!

winter skincare routine for dry skin

Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar Water

I take the day off with this oily little bad boy. Mostly I just love shaking it up and watching the oil bob around, it reminds me of a lava lamp I had as a kid! This takes off all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara with little effort. It does leave my skin feeling greasy but I'm going to cleanse next so I don't mind.

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter

Recommended to me by Amy and Sophie, this has been the ultimate life saver. Though the butter itself kind of feels like I’m coating my face in goose fat, it smells much better than that and after wiping it off with an extra hot cleansing cloth, my skin feels buttery soft. After patting dry it doesn’t pull tight, it just feels fresh and so so soft. I’ve been using it twice a day to really combat the dryness. As soon as things really improve I’ll cut it down to once a day, most likely in the evening.

winter skincare routine for dry skin

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

This little beauty was in my Girl Gang Event goodie bag from last year and it’s like spritzing my face with Turkish Delight…and yes, I am happy about that. I can literally feel my skin sucking it up like the plants I forget to water. I don’t pat it in or anything, I just let it do it’s thing, my skin soaks it up so quickly, zero effort on my part required. A face full of spritzing twice a day, no ifs, and's or buts!

winter skincare routine for dry skin

No7 Beautiful Skin Dry Skin Rescue

For day wear, this has been like putting an impenetrable barrier across my face - nothing get’s past this! OK, so it feels like I’m slathering poly filter all over my face but it’s surprisingly not greasy and dries extremely matte. After a couple of minutes it’s totally soaked in and my skin looks and feels super smooth. Usually, overly rich moisturizers cause me to break out but so far (touch wood) this hasn’t been to blame for a single pimple pop. 

MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil

I’ve become a huge convert to facial oils over the last 12 months and this little beauty is a modern day marvel. I’ve been putting a little more MOA Aphrodite Facial Oil than usual on my face, really working it in and letting it have its wondrous ways with my skin. My skin feels super soft in the morning and it’s really helping with balancing out the weather-beaten redness my skin is sporting. 

winter skincare routine for dry skin

Clarins Multi-Active Night

I remember this being one of the first high-end skin care products I ever bought years ago in the Duty-Free at Orlando International. I'd got a 2 for 1 exchange rate on my dollars and the leftovers were burning away in my pocket - oh those were the days! This was recommended to me and I fell in love. It has a silky smooth texture that melts into my skin, always leaving it looking more refreshed and well loved. I've found it's brilliant for dry patches, especially after exfoliating.  

Origins Drink-Up Overnight Intensive Mask

Once a week, usually on a Sunday, I’ll use this instead of my facial oil. I absolutely love what this Origins mask does for my skin, it gives it a full on drowning is totally moisture goodness without causing me any breakouts or overacting my overly active sebaceous glands. 

I’ve found I can go back to wearing my mineral foundation without it flaking like falling snow across my forehead which is a much better look for me. But seriously, roll on spring, because I cannot deal with this constant cold!

How does your skin cope in the winter? Any words of wisdom for me?

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  1. Lovely routine! I also love the Garnier Oil-Infused Micellar water: it's also the first step of my makeup removing process so I really don't mind the thin greasy film it leaves on my skin! The Clarins Multi-active Nuit sounds really good and right up my street:: I have some dry patches too!

  2. Oooh, love the look of the camomile cleansing butter, I absolutely love their camomile cleansing oil so I'll have to look into that!! :) x
    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  3. I'm tempted to try the oil miceller water but don't want to feel greasy after. I might give it a skip. I have 3 bottles of the balancing mist from GG even and need to use it, ha.

    Corinne x

  4. The Garnier Micelar water infused with oil is a really interesting concept.
    I really want to try it!

    Vanessa x |

  5. Give me all your skincare please :) I really need to try that Body Shop cleanser, I hear so much about it x