Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Tips on how I can save some money!

easy money saving tips

If you’re up to date with my 2017 Goals and Resolutions, you’ll know that one thing I want to do this year is lots of things. As in eating out, travelling, going on adventures but to do any and all of that as well as picking up a few treats along the way, I’m going to need cash. So, I’ve been pinning away, Googling around and reading up and I’ve come up with a couple of what I think are real do-able money saving ideas that will hopefully fund a few adventures here in Wonderland!

The Monthly Deposit. So I found this pin over on Pinterest and it seems unbelievably do-able. The minimum monthly deposit you’ll make is £25, the most £150, giving you a total of £1050 in 12 months. Some months I will defiantly be able to do more, but I’m going to promise myself never to deposit less than is required that month. 

12 weeks = £1000. In addition to the monthly deposit, I want to do a couple of quick savings challenges through the year. It’s around £330 a month that needs to be set aside but if I pick my three months wisely, i.e the ones with the least birthdays or worst weather, it should be do-able, and it’s only three months! That could easily pay for a city break or two plus spends!

35 day challenge. £630 in 35 days, I kind of want to do this one much later in the year and put that extra money aside for Christmas. You simply put £35 to one side on day 1, £34 day 2, £33 day 3 etc until by day 35 you put £1 in the post and BAM £600+ in the bank! 

10% and nothing less. I’ve already started this one and so far so good. I’ve set up an automatic direct debit from my main account into a savings account that on pay day, takes 10% of my wage and puts it to one side. Honestly, this is, hands down the easiest way I’ve found to save money without realising. That 10% is gone before I’ve even laid eyes on it, so automatically I can’t spend it, meaning I’m already learning to live on less £££ and I’ve got more money in the pot to actually play with when holidays and adventures come around.

IF all goes to plan, I could put a minimum of £5000 away in a year. Or at least put that money towards better things, like city breaks, trips to see friends, blog props and a few extra dresses for my collection. Now that I would be quite chuffed with!

Have you got any savings goals this year?

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