Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Happiness Planner - First Impressions

happiness planner review

It’s all about the planners these days and I for one am happily obsessed! Did you see my run down of the top planners for the New Year? The Happiness was right up there with the best of them and I’ve been dying to do this post and get started for almost 3 months now after winning one at #LivHelps!

3 months this gorgeous navy box has been sat, patiently waiting for the New Year to roll around my journal to blissful self-love and happiness to commence. So, without further delay, let’s have a nosey in the box!

First up, the planner itself, but we’ll go into more detail on that later. Under neath the planner were a couple of sheets of paper. The first up giving you a brief over view of your weekly spread and some ideas on how best to utilize the space. 

happiness planner review

There’s then four separate sheets that accompany the planner. My New Years Resolutions, Change a Habit in 30 days, My Goals (space for 2 goals), and My Bucket List. These are cool. I kind of wish they were built into the planner itself though but they will make for good side projects. The resolutions and bucket list sheets will be ideal to pull out every now an then to reaffirm my goals for the year and the goals page will be good for two big projects/changes, though they make a good template for more goals further down the line. I do wish the habit tracker was in the planner on a 4 weekly basis, but hey, I could always photocopy it!

Last up, you get some ver blogger friendly gold colored paperclips. For now, I’ll be using them as page markers and the planner doesn’t come with one inbuilt.

happiness planner review

Ah, the planner itself. Mine is the navy and gold theme, very Ravenclaw if you ask me and so pretty with it’s gold ring binding and corner protectors. The 52-week journal is date less so you can start it whenever you like! The first section is a series of questions that took me the better part of an afternoon just to start on. They all require list-Esq answers which are right up my street but some room to expand if necessary. There are 14 questions in total, from what makes you happy to what would you like to improve on and who would you like to spend more time with?. I think it’s impossible to answer all these questions before you start on the planner but I like that, I like how I can add to these answers as the year goes on - things change after all!

happiness planner review

Right before you jump into the planner you have to rate how you feel. This whole thing is about honesty. You need to answer it for yourself, not for a blog post or an Insta shot, for you, this is your happiness we’re talking about here!

Then, the weekly spread. Each week is spread over 4 pages. The first, goals, affirmations and to-do’s, the second your weekly plan, 7 boxes for 7 days. Next, a two-page reflection. And this is where this planner gets deep and different. Describing and rating the past week, the highs, the lows, what you’ve learned, what you’re thankful for and what you’re going to improve on. I really like how you check in every week, it makes it so much easier to focus on goals, big or small. 

happiness planner review

Then you set yourself up for week 2 and do it all over again. After 52 weeks, there’s then several pages to review your past year. Recording your mood scores, looking back on a year's worth of reflections, looking for common themes, ups, downs, a state of mind, the happiest moments, the little things that made a big difference, how you’ve developed, how you’ve changed. This is kinda the bit I’m most excited for. We all think we’ve changed and grown over a year, but to see it physically put down on paper, I’m hoping, is going to have a bigger impact for the following year, especially when you can really see where your strengths and weaknesses are!

happiness planner review

I’m eager to get started, get planning and get happy, how about you?

Until next time, 

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