Wednesday, 18 January 2017

My First Murder Mystery Dinner

at home murder mystery dinner

I feel like I’m ticking things off a bucket list I didn’t know I had this year! This past weekend I experienced my first murder mystery dinner party and it was amazing. It was basically like playing one of my favorite boardgames Cluedo LIVE. But with food. And wine. And vodka. 

Starting off, all attendees were given a character a few weeks ago, giving us plenty of time to put together a sort of costume. Not mandatory, but what’s the point in the whole thing if you don’t at least make a little bit of effort? Let’s just talk about my character…Charles. Yup. Man. Manoca. I can’t say I’ve ever cross dressed before but hey, there’s a first time for everything!

I kept the costume pretty simple; skinny jeans, brogues, a shirt off the Mr. For me, it was all in the make-up. Masculine make-up looks seemed to be pretty hard to come by! Even Pinterest was a struggle looking for ideas. I went with bigger, darker eyebrows, an attempt at contouring in some chiseled cheekbones, and a full on eyeshadow stippled on beard. I confused my taxi driver so much so that he wouldn’t unlock the door and let me in! 

at home murder mystery dinner

Huge kudos’ goes out to our hosts for the evening, my fabulous Jackie and her Mr - I mean A* for effort here. Everything was themed around the night's murder mystery! Long story short, it was 1919 and we were all aboard the HMS Winston - there was a dead dude on the poop deck and we were all suspects. This all felt very Miss Marple! They’d gone the whole hog with theming, from period music to cocktails and food! This is what made it for me! It made it all the more immersive which is what I always thought a murder mystery dinner was all about! 

Period food also included caviar…caviar. Never tried it. Tried it. Never want to try it again. Enough said about that.

at home murder mystery dinner

Then we took our seats, we put our best game faces on, our best accents on, and we murder mysteried the hell out of our dinner! Borsch (which I’ve always wanted to try since Miss Congeniality), vodka, beef bourguignon, wine, cheese, gin, cake. In between each course we took to our scripts - yes, you get a script! Eek this was exciting! Each character get’s their own script to follow, prompts for questions and answers to things your character may get asked. There was evidence to go through too, the whole time scribbling down who done it notes in-between gulps of wine. 

And for the grand finale - the reveal. We uhmend ahhed, made lude jokes, drank some more, before all taking a stab at who we thought was the culprit! I actually thought it was going to be me because of the character notes I had but it turned out to be the Mr’s character who had stabbed the poor dude right in the back! Dun dun duhhhhhhhhh. Prizes were handed out to the correct guesses, the murderer took a forfeit shot of vodka, and the case was officially closed

at home murder mystery dinner

Oh, and my beard paid off, winning me the coveted spot of best dressed. I swear, it took me longer to get ready as a man than it has ever done to get ready as a woman!

As murder mysteries go, and maybe I’m being biased here because it was my first one, but it was brilliant! The dressing up, the themed everything, it all made for such a good atmosphere, we couldn’t stop laughing. I’m dying to know when the next murder mystery will be!

Have you ever attended a murder mystery dinner?

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the evening! Already planning the next one. Will be even bigger and better! 😃 Xx

  2. Im so glad you got best dressed. You looked great!

    Corinne x

  3. I've always wanted to go a murder mystery event! It sounds like its a lot of fun! Hopefully I'll get the chance this year!

    Alexis xoxo |

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    Twitter: @AlexisAnneBlog