Friday, 6 January 2017

Walt Disney World 2016: Part 5 - Day 4

a relaxed day in walt disney world

Day 4: Chilling on a Disney Vacation.

After a delayed, manic but still magical start to our trip, it was time for a little downtime. Yes. it is possible to have downtime in Florida! Nobody seems to believe me but it’s not all go-go-GO all the time! Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and relax the Disney way.

Another early start, the men were off to play golf - a dream come true for Dad and the Mr. The Bro went along as well, leaving just us two girls to amuse ourselves, so of course, it started with food. I’d booked us a breakfast in The Boma at Animal Kingdom Lodge. My second home, if I wasn’t staying at Port Orleans, this is where you would find me. The lodge is gorgeous and The Boma puts on a fantastic breakfast buffet, American fare with an African twist - including made to order omelets and freshly roasted on a spit meats. 

a relaxed day in walt disney world

After seeing the boys off, we headed over to the lodge, took in the savannahs and ate platefuls of meats, pastries and all the smoked salmon I could get my hands on! It was lovely just to chill out with Mum in one of our favorite places. Seen as though we were right next door to the Animal Kingdom, we headed on over after breakfast, grabbed ourselves an extra large Starbucks and just wandered around the park. Sometimes it’s nice to just do that. Wander. Take in the atmosphere and of course, look in all the shops. There’s more to Disney than just rides!

a relaxed day in walt disney world

We finished up around lunch time and headed back to Port Orleans to meet up with the boys and see how the golfing went. They’d had the best time! I love me some mini-golf but actual golf? I’d only go to drive the buggy! We grabbed lunch in the hotel then decided to go do some real shopping. I’m talking outlet mall shopping. DISCOUNT shopping. I grabbed as many dollars as I could fit in my purse, maybe a little plastic too and headed out to do some damage.

And damage…I did not do. The trip was half a win, half a ‘where are all the things that I want???’. I did pick up the most beautiful Kate Spade bag, should have been $300+, bagged for $120! I bought the fluffiest, softest, warmest throw from Vera Bradley for $10, some Godiva hot chocolate and a divine pair of Swarovski earrings to which the Mr treated me to the matching necklace…and that was…that. That. That was it! I had big plans for gym wear, dresses, make-up but it turns out they just didn’t want to come home with me. It’s ok…I had there was a Sephora on Disney that was happy to take my dollar dollar bills!

a relaxed day in walt disney world

Anywho, that was that. Golfing, fooding, shopping. Relaxed. Chilled. We had a busy couple of days coming up so it was good to just sort of stop for a while! After all, we were on holiday!

Do you prefer the chill days or the go all out from dawn till dusk days?

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