Monday, 5 December 2016

Foodie Faves #1

food favourites

Seen as though I’m forever either eating, thinking about eating, talking about eating or eating…I figured it made sense to have some sort of foodie round-up series, after all, if I write an entire post on a tin of soup…well, I know I wouldn’t want to read just about the soup so I doubt you do too! Whether your looking for some interesting new bits to add to the weekly shop or a change to your afternoon snack, here’s the munchies I’ve been loving and loathing lately….warning…you might not want to read this on an empty stomach!

festive foods

Marks and Spencers Christmas Soup

Yes. I’m starting with soup. Tis the season of warm blended up veggies with fresh thick cut bread smothered in butter! Fun fact - growing up I hated soup with a serious passion. My Nan gave me a really weird thick chicken soup once and it just turned my stomach - for about twenty years after that I was a total no-go-soup-zone. Eventually I grew out of that phase and cant stop slurping. So. Christmas Soup. Christmas. Soup. Turkey, pork, sage & onion stuffing, potatoes and parsnips. Why wouldn’t you want your Christmas dinner souped up? I had soup-er (sorrynotsorry) high hopes for this but it was so….blah. It was bland. And the stuffing was actual balls with a very I really don’t want this in my mouth texture. Nope. Fail. Moving on.

festive foods

Meridian Crunchy Peanut Butter

I don’t usually buy the posh stuff. Cheap, cheerful and crunchy does me just fine but this was on offer and I see it all the time over foodie feeds so I wanted to see the difference. Apart from it seeming oilier than the cheaper brands, taste wise, the cheaper brands taste just as good. It’s a nice treat because it looks fancier and it’s all branded and what not but I don’t feel like I’m getting anything different taste wise. It’s a super crunchy peanut butter with lots of larger peanut pieces in and ingredients wise, it’s got no added sugar, salt or palm oil so health wise, it’s definitely doing something more for me! Naughty treats without the unhealthy nasties thrown in!

peanut butter and nutella bananna bites

Jim Jams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

I bought this for two reasons. It was on offer. It has 83% less sugar than the leading brand. I never thought anything could replace the Nutella layered around my heart but this is just….it tastes exactly the same. Ask me to do a blind taste test and I won’t be able to tell the difference - and I’ve ate a lot of Nutella in my time. It’s so rich, thick and creamy! I don’t feel half as guilty when I smother it all over a breakfast bagel and lick the spoon! It’s also the bees knees over freshly toaste crumpets! Just saying!

Marks and Spencers Wildflower Honey

Clearly I’ve been feeling splurgy lately - this came in at around 4 times the price I usually pay but this is absolutely divineIt’s very sweet, with a strong toffee flavour. I have a honey/hot water mix every morning and this makes it taste so much sweeter. It’s also amazing in porridge! You can defiantly taste the difference with this one and I would totally buy it again!

disney jelly beans

Goofys Candy Co Gourmet Jelly Beans

Addicted. I’m addicted. I’m Saloca and I’m addicted to jelly beans. Like I’m having a handful almost every day - twice a day. Except for the licorice ones. Those are BAD BEANS. Moving on. I bought up bag fulls of these jelly beans when I was in Walt Disney World - we had a ton of snack credits to use so I literally brought back half a suitcase of sweets and biscuits! There such a quick fix of flavoursome delight. Each one on it’s own is full of flavour - and nice ones too (except the liquorice!). I’ve got a box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans to crack open over Christmas and I know there’s going to be worse things than licorice in there! EEK! I’ve been so many Jelly Belly gift sets out in the shops and I just want to find them all in my stocking this year!

chocolate cellar milk chocolate

The Chocolate Cellar

At last weeks Kilner Christmas Pop-Up, The Chocolate Cellar came down to treat our sweeter taste-buds with their amazing chocolaty offerings, as well as showcasing a selection of their Christmas chocolate gifts. They popped everyone's name on a delicious milk chocolate slab in white chocolate icing - of course I had to get a social media handle in there, how could I not? I managed to try their chocolate dipped Turkish delight too which was amazing!

What have you been munching on lately?

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  1. The soup looks nice apart from the dead animals. I love you.

    Corinne x