Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Reasons to Smile #2

reasons to smile

Sometimes we just need a little reminder of how great things have been to see us through the crappiest of days. Here’s a couple of reasons why it’s worth smiling lately!

CarnLIVal was amazing - This past weekend, Katy and Sammy put together a little Christmas Carnival inspired event and it was brilliant! I had such a laugh, won myself a very nice bottle of Brockmans Gin, a bottle of Fentimans grapefruit tonic and a gorgeous Vendula London Alice in Wonderland inspired bag - how could I not be smiling?

Bloggers are just lovely - One thing that never ceases to amaze me is how wonderful other bloggers are, especially when you meet up in the real world. You all have this one thing in common and from that, you find about a million more things in common. It’s so nice to see and really get to know the bloggers behind the blogs, to get drunk with them or order a cheeky Deliveroo to the bar. 

Advent Calendars - Yes I’m 29. Yes my Mum still buys me an advent calendar every year. I love them. I love that nostalgic little cardboard window, peeling it back and popping out a sweet treat. It’s just one of those set in stone traditions with me. It just wouldn’t be Christmas to me without a chocolatey countdown!

reasons to smile

Santa Dash  - Now I know it’s Christmas! I think this is my third year of doing to Santa Dash 5k through Liverpool and I love it! Nothing beats seeing hundreds upon hundreds of red and blue santa suits running through the city centre - and being one of those red faced suited and booted santas is just amazing! The view as you come up onto the fly over to see a sea of Santas, the steel drum band, the snow at the finish line - as soon as I came home I had to put my Christmas tree up! 

Christmas tree - Oh Christmas tree! It took me about 2 hours to get the tree up this year, not forgetting the entire afternoon and evening I spent putting up my families Christmas trees too! I love decorating the trees, we have so many ornaments that have a personal meaning or memory behind them and it’s crazy how you forget each and every ornament until you see it again as it goes on the tree! Insert story telling, memory recalling, even digging out some photos that go along with the story behind the bauble, it’s such a cute and heart warming experience and totally sums up Christmas for me! Let’s just ignore the meltdown I had over the fairy lights though!

Christmas Markets - The Liverpool markets have been set up right on my walk to and from work this year so suffice to say I’ve already popped in a couple of times! It seems smaller this year but more intimate and there is a Gin Tin with my name on! Nothing beats a mulled cider and a freshly cooked Nutella crepe does it? I’d love to check out some other Christmas Markets this year but I fear I’m leaving it too late!

Instagram Best 9 - I love how everything becomes really reflective at this time of year! It’s interesting from a blogger point of view to see your numbers grow, to see what’s been popular this year across your feeds etc, but I love how looking bad on what have been my most liked pictures on Instagram this year bring back so many amazing memories from the year! Holidays, events, trips, it gives me all the feels!

reasons to smile

What’s been putting a smile on your face recently?

Until next time,


  1. You won fancy stuff at CarnLIVal, I won a bottle of vinegar. But I think I will remember that forever, it was so funny to see my prize.
    The advent calendars are so much fun, it's lovely your mother still gets one for you every year, it's a nice tradition to have. x

  2. Yay love all the Christmasy things! It's definitely been giving me lots of reasons to smile, I feel like I've eaten about 5 Christmas dinners already!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. You missed me off the list.