Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Hamper Ideas

I love a good Christmas Hamper. There’s nothing like picking out a few indulgent festive favourites to treat your loved ones, or yourself to, over the holidays. I’m all about Christmas themed caked, spiced teas, tinsel topped treats, all in a hamper and with a bow on top! If you’re looking to put a little hamper of Christmas treats together then I’ve got you covered! Here’s just a few of my festive foodie picks this year!

christmas hamper ideas

Chocolate Sprouts £9.95 For anyone who says they don’t like sprouts, how can they say no to these little chocolate delights? Give me a good sprout any day but I wouldn’t say no to these either!

Pig n Mix £20 These would make for the perfect Christmas movie marathon snack on Christmas Eve, or when you’re catching up with all the Christmas drama on the soaps over Boxing Day!

Salted caramel sauce £10 If 2016 was the year of anything it was the year of salted caramel! This salted caramel sauce looks absolutely amazing! This looks so rich and a real treat! I’m a sucker for salted caramel so sign me up!

Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate £9 Because what’s Christmas without hot chocolate? Tis the season to indulge every once in a while and nothing is more indulgent than Hotel Chocolats hot chocolate!

christmas hamper ideas

Cinnamon straws £3.50 I became addicted to cinnamon sticks on my most recent trip to Florida and these bad boys warmed up and dipped in the salted caramel sauce would be OHHHHH. Don’t worry, you can thank me later for my genius!

Whole grain crackers with sea salt £3 You can’t have a Christmas hamper without crackers! They’re just one of those things that people need to have in, they’re super versatile and Christmas is a great excuse to splash out and get some just a little more special than usual!

Salted caramel vodka £4 I’m a big fan of Hotel Chocolat’s Cocoa Gin, but this was a treat I just couldn’t pass up! A festive evening tipple or something to spice up your hot chocolate? 

christmas hamper ideas

Christmas eton mess £3.85 There’s nothing like a few festive themed sweet treats and these Christmas inspired Eton Messes are just the ticket. Cranberry, cinnamon, white chocolate mousse - perfection!

Christmas tea £5 How could there not be tea in a Christmas hamper? After all that festive cheer, running around with the family and frantic present wrapping, we all deserve to put our feet up at the end of the day and have a long, good brew! Why have a regular ol’ cup of tea when you could have a Christmas flavoured cup of tea?

Bettys christmas blend £10 Tea not your thing? Throw in a special Christmas blend coffee to add an extra shot of energy to any hamper and Christmas morning breakfast!

christmas hamper ideas

Trio of pate £15 Remember those crackers I added in earlier? Well, you might need something to go on them - and pate is always my go-to at Christmas. It reminds me of sitting up late with my dad watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, eating pate on ritz and trying desperately not to choke with laughter when the cat blows the tree lights!

Amaretti £8 Well, you need something to have with your coffee and a mince pie doesn’t always cut it!

Crackers for cheese £3.75 Some crackers are just crackers, other crackers are cheese crackers and these babies are fancy pants and then some! Plus, they will go great with…

Peri peri chedder £4.50 Cheese! You officially can’t have a Christmas hamper without cheese. It’s the law. I just decided. We bought some of this Peri peri cheese from the Christmas markets last week and it is amazing! Full of flavour and makes regular ol’ cheddar a regular ol’ bore next to this!

christmas hamper ideas

Drunken monk cheese £4.50 We sampled this one at the market and it was a tough call which one we took home with us. Caramelised red onion, mature cheddar and red wine…ok now I’m wondering if I came home with the right one?

Dark choc mint wafers £12 When the dishes are done, the kids are sort of settled, the cat’s finally took a break from terrorising the baubles, who doesn’t want to sit down with a box of mint thins? It’s tradition!

Choc chip cookie mix £14.95 I’m all about the DIY gifts this year, and I love the gift of baking in a jar! Why give someone a box of biscuits when they could make them themselves? It would be the perfect way to relax once the festivities are finally over!

So, what’s in your festive hamper this Christmas?

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