Friday, 4 November 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 - Part 1

walt disney world trip report

Ah! It happened! It finally friggin happened, 18 months in the making, 2 days delayed, 2 flights and 30 hours travelling later and it happened, the magic finally happened. Two weeks. 5 people. One trip to Walt Disney World, Florida later and here I am to tell you the tale, so let’s start with a little…

Once upon a time…

Our journey began 2 days later than planned thanks to good ol’ hurricane Matthew. We should have flown on the 7th but got a text message at 4pm the day before telling us out flights had been cancelled and good luck getting on another. Frantic, panic, none-stop phone calls and several hours later after laughing, crying, laughing some more and pouring a gin or three, we managed to get our bums on seats for 2 days later. 2 days - 2 days of just staring at packed suitcases, no bread in the bread bin or milk in the fridge, it was worse than watching paint dry. Sure, I could have been productive, I could have blogged or even gone into work, something useful - but no, all I could think by the 2nd day was I should be walking into Animal Kingdom right now, sipping a Starbucks and heading for Killimanjaro Safari. But, safety first. We waited.

And waited.

And waited some more.

Finally, at 6am on the Sunday, we started to do something, we started moving towards Florida and never looked back!

walt disney world trip report

OK, so we had to wait a little longer - we might have got to the airport oh, I don’t know, about 2 hours too early? My bad. But I did apologise to the Mr with a breakfast bap and a couple of drinks in the bar before we climbed aboard plane number 1! Flying with Delta for the first time, I can’t say a bad word against them! Not only did the air hostesses have gorgeous pink uniforms, but the service was absolutely fabulous, the food was bloody gorgeous and there was more movies worth a watch than I had hours in the air! FYI I made the mistake of watching Me Before You on the plane and bawled for about half an hour after it!

Seven and a half hours later, we found ourselves in New York! Friggin New York. I have wanted to go here forever and a day and the closest I managed to get was JFK airport and pretty cracking view of the Manhatten skyline after take off! 

NOTE: The baggage drop for the connecting flight was terrifying! It was basically one woman who bless her, was about a million years old, having a full flight of suitcases thrown at her - there was no check in desk, no bag scan, nothing, you literally dropped them in the middle of the airport and hoped for the best you’d see each other again!

We kicked around JFK for four and a half hours…that was fun. *Insert mega eye roll here*. We spent most of it in the Delta terminal which is about as exciting as 5 minutes before all the shops shut on a Sunday. We fed. We watered. We mooched. We jumped on the free wifi for an hour. We got our seats upgraded. We borded. We left. 

Orlando here we come!

You can imagine, 5 adults, 30 hours travelling, trudging into the check-in desk at Disneys Port Orleans Riverside Resort, dishevelled doesn’t even begin to cover our sorry state. Seen as though nothing had been straight forward so far, why start now? There was some confusion over magic bands and rooms but after much tapping on the computer we got everything sorted and headed out into the midnight moonlit resort, dragging our suitcases and tired asses with us, got a little bit lost until eventually finding out rooms!

walt disney world trip report

I WAS FINALLY HERE! and clearly TOO tired to actually take a proper selfie haha!

As tired as I felt, and as quickly as a crawled into bed, I couldn’t stop smiling. I was back in the magic and the adventure was only just beginning!

Trip updates coming every Friday - so make sure you’re subscribed! You can find the rest of the Florida trip report series here!
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