Friday, 11 November 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 - Part 2 : Day 1

walt disney world trip report

Turns out the big bonus to getting in so late the night before, I beat the jet lag without even trying! Ah, that moment when we opened the hotel door and the early morning October sunshine hit us - that feeling is incredible! We headed down to the Riverside Mill food court in our hotel, to get our first big American breakfast in - pancakes! Nothing beats proper American pancakes - I’ve tried so many times to make them at home but they never taste quite as good!

Bellies full, Magic bands on, we headed on out to get the adventure started! Magic Kingdom here we come!

walt disney world trip report

It felt weird to be starting our trip in Magic Kingdom! I’m a creature of habit and I love my traditions - and traditionally, we’ve always headed to Animal Kingdom on the first day - it’s a much more relaxed park, so if the jet lag’s kicking in, you can take it nice and easy. Magic Kingdom is a, well, little different! I mean, its the Magic Kingdom! 

One of the best things about staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside is how close you are to everything! You’re never on the bus for more than 20 minutes - I can’t get anywhere at home on a bus that fast! 

We rocked up, me grinning like an idiot, the Mr not quite sure what he’d let himself in for, put the Mickey to the Mickey, and headed on into the park. Whenever I head into Magic Kingdom I always have to go though the entrance on the far left, and this is why;

walt disney world trip report

Some quotes just stick with you and this is one of my favourites! 

Highlights of the day!

  • Seeing the Mr see the castle for the first time! OK, he was in no means blown away, but there’s something about sharing a place you love so much with someone you care about that just gives me all the feels! Just being able to walk down Main Street USA with him, seeing him and my family enjoying themselves, sharing that, that’s all kinds of special!
walt disney world trip report

  • Lunch at Be Our Guest! And oh did I put their service to the test! We had the quick service dining package and one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is by feasting in Beasts Castle! Beasts Castle is split into 3 dining rooms, and for our first meal there, we chose the ballroom! It was amazing, huge chandeliers painted ceilings and it was straight out of the movie - all I needed was the gold dress! I had an amazing steak and horseradish sandwich and I got to try the grey stuff - it really is delicious!
walt disney world trip report

  • The first ride on the TTA! This is just one of those rides that I love, it’s no roller coaster, but it’s perfect for an afternoon chill and a great way to see Tomorrowland and a peak inside Space Mountain. Speaking of which…
  • Taking Mr on Space Mountain for the first time! Easily one of my favourite rides! An indoor, pitch black, run away train that throws your every which way sideways, up down, all around and back again! Poor Mr had no idea what was happening! It’s one you really want to be at the front for to get the full effect of plunging around in total darkness!

We headed back to the hotel after a couple of hours, the jet lag maybe not totally defeated, and chilled out for a bit! 

Another benefit of staying at Port Orleans is the boat you can take to Disney Springs, the shopping, dining and drinking quarter of Walt Disney World, formally known as Downtown Disney! We made a beeline for Cookes of Dublin for a chippy tea! Yes, you can get a proper chippy tea in Disney! I had the best fish and chunky chips with the most chip-shop perfect curry sauce! NOM!

We wandered around for a little, mentally taking note of all the things we were going to come back and buy later in the trip before heading back on the boat and calling it a night! 

walt disney world trip report

As first days go, it was amazing and with almost two weeks ahead of us, it really did feel like we had all the time in the world!

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  1. I have read so many posts about Dinsey World but this is the only one that's made me really want to go! I didn't realise there was an area like Be Our Guest. That ceiling is beautiful! I hope you carry on having such a wonderful time!

  2. So jealous you got into Be Our Guest! It was full when we tried!

    Corinne x