Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sephora, Disney Springs - Haul

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

As soon as I heard Disney Springs, the shopping district of Walt Disney World, Florida, was opening a Sephora I got ridiculously excited! With dollars to burn I took a couple of trips to the mothership that is Sephora and this is what ended up coming home with me…

Sephora face-masks

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

Everyone raves about the Sephora own-brand products and if there’s anything I simply don’t have enough of, it’s face masks - so I picked up a fair few! These little sleeping mask pods are adorable and I reckon I could easily get 2-3 masks out of each pod. I’m a big fan of overnight masks, they seem to do so much more for my skin. I picked up the algae, pomegranate and green tea overnight sleep masks. 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I also popped this avocado hand mask and shea butter lip mask into my basket because well, it’s not a run of the mill face mask is it? So I really have to try them! I think the hand one will be great as winter creeps in and destroys my digits and the lip mask just sounds so intriguing! 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I grabbed two Boscia face masks too and I really fancied a couple of sheet masks. I picked up the green tea and charcoal hydrogel masks. Green tea because, well, it is me we’re talking about here and charcoal because it is seriously amazing for oily skin! 


How could I walk out of Sephora without something Tarte related? I have been eyeballing Tarte for well over a year now - being the mineral make-up girl I am. Yes, I’ve seen the QVC offerings but I really wanted to be able to have a play around, swatch it up and get a proper skin-match too!

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

The first thing I picked up was the Tarte Pretty Paint Box collection - a whopping 24 eyeshadows, highlighter, blush, matte bronzer, shimmer bronzer, mascara, liquid eyeliner and a lipgloss. Like really? You thought this was getting left behind? Seen as though this gave me almost everything I needed for a full face, I had to pick up an infamous amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation, which in all honesty was the one thing I knew I was coming home with - everything else was just a bonus! I had a colour match with one of the staff members, a drama when we couldn’t find my shade in stock - then a party when we found the last one. Clearly meant to be!

And as one mascara wasn’t enough, I also picked up the lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara - which I can already report is a game changer!

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul


I picked up a full sized Benefit pore-fessional as it’s one of my holy grail products and it was ridiculously cheap! I also grabbed a First Aid Beauty cleanser because like face-masks, I clearly don’t have enough already and again it was really cheap! Last but not least, I picked up a Anastacia brow-wizz (not pictured because well, that’s life and it happens sometimes haha) because I really want to figure out how to up my brow game and this was the best on my face on the day - I played with so many but the Anastacia was the best colour (caramel) and the easiest to use! 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I might have picked up one or two Christmas presents too and my Mum might have picked up some beauties for me for Christmas….so you might be seeing more of Sephora around here in the coming weeks!

What are your Sephora must-buys?


  1. OMG the pretty paint box looks amazing!! Genuinely so flippin' jealous of this one!! <3 So glad you picked up some amazing treats! xx

    1. Hehe I'm so excited, like what else would I ever need until this hits pan? It has everything! And it was a flipping steal for the price! Damn I wish we had Sephora in town!

      Sarah :)