Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lush Lock In - Christmas 2016

lush christmas guide

Tis the season to get your Lush on, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa

Ok, ok, I love anything and everything Christmas related but if your really want to see me get Christmassy, lock me in Lush, surrounded by mince pies, festive tunes and all the Christmas bath bombs, melts and glitter you can imagine - and Lush Christmas 2016 is setting out to be something pretty special this year!

Bloggers and Lush, has there ever been a bigger cliche? Oh but doesn’t it work so well? After meeting up outside, the lovely Lushies quickly pulled us in out of the cold, thrust a warming mulled wine in our hands and set about to get down and festive with us behind locked doors.

I’ve been to one Lush event a couple of months back, the first the Liverpool store had thrown - bloggers prayers answered! It was a cracking event but this time around, everything was on a much more personal level which was amazing! We split off into groups and worked our way around each station that had been set up to share all the festive offerings for 2016. 

lush christmas guide

Stop one, mulled wine in one hand, mince pie in the other, making taking pictures a little difficult but not impossible, our little group headed upstairs to the Lush Spa to have a wander around the treatment rooms and see a Planets treatment get underway - OH if I’ve said it a million times before I’ll quickly say it again - I need more Lush massages in my life! The Planets and Tales of Bath are high up on my list of must-try treatments and seeing the rooms, it just makes me want them even more! We also had some fun with dry ice, watched a worry burn away and had a chat about Lush values and what they mean. The whole Spa area is so quaint, homely and warm, it was so easy to forget we had a whole event going on downstairs waiting for us!

lush christmas guide

Next up - make up! I’ve dabbled in Lush make-up every time I pop in store, swatching this and that but I’ve never really committed to anything. I’ve got to say, their make-up line seems to grow every time I take a look, well that, or I’m just finally noticing all the goodies on offer. The Lush Feeling Younger is BAM in a pot. If you’re a girl who loves her highlighter, then this is beyond up your ally, it’s out of this world! The pigmentation is striking, with a cream to powder finish, it’s just OH - go swatch for yourself and see!

Now, when it comes to gifts, I’m a pop it in a bag with a bow and some tissue paper kinda girl - it’s cute, it’s easy, it’s efficient…but it’s not the most eco-friendly, reusable packaging is it? I have never looked at the Lush Knot Wraps before, ranging from £3.75 - £20 per wrap, it could actually work out cheaper to wrap my Christmas gifts up in these little reusable silky little beauties than my old bag and bow trick! 

lush christmas guide

More tricks with dry ice, live music, mince pies, glitter quite literally flying everywhere, I managed to grab a gander at a couple of bath bombs on offer this year too, I mean how could I not? Shoot for the Stars, Golden Wonder, Santasaurus, Satsuma, Butterbear and Little Sprout all caught my eye - so if anyone is looking for some ideas about what to pop into my stocking this year, well, any of these would be much appreciated! (Hey, a girls gotta try!)

lush christmas guide

Lush know how to throw a mini Yule ball, and this festive lock in was fantastic! I loved the intimacy of the whole night, I really got a chance to chat with the staff, learn more about the products, and of course, catch up with all my lovely local bloggers - sometimes these things get a little loud and it can make networking and chatting a very lip reading experience!

lush christmas guide

Lush did a fantastic job on the night and I really can’t wait until their next event! Not only did they spoil us rotten in-store, but they sent us home with an adorable bag of generous goodies that have really started to put my pampering routines into a much more festive spirit! 

lush christmas guide

What have you got your eye on from Lush’s Christmas 2016 collection?

Until next time,


  1. Runs to Lush to buy everything. Xxx

  2. shoot for the starts is one of my favs, I've gone through quite a few already this year x

    1. It's the best! Leaves my skin feel so so soft!

      Sarah :)