Monday, 21 November 2016

Clarins Spa, John Lewis - Liverpool One

clarins skin spa liverpool review

I bet you’re probably popping into town most week nights, scrambling around for presents, gift sets, a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows on top, blimey, your poor skin is taking a battering - and that’s after spending all day in an office with the heating cranked up high! Wouldn’t you love to just sit back, relax, and let Clarins take care of you, you could think of it as a reward for finding that perfect gift, or simply, a gift for you from you. The Clarins Spa in John Lewis, Liverpool One, is a real hidden gem that I went along to explore…and let me tell you, there’s magic up on the third floor between the board games and the suitcases!

The Clarins Spa has been nestled away up on the third floor, right next to the toy department for as long as the store has been open, around 7 years now! I can’t actually believe I didn’t even know it existed! I clearly am not buying enough board games it seems, as hidden against the back wall are two glass doors that open up to a world where science, touch and nature are fused together. 

clarins skin spa liverpool review

I’ve always thought of facials and massages as top dollar treats, something I’m unlikely to buy for myself but would always encourage friends to treat themselves to when they’re in need of a little pampering. They're a luxury, but I’m starting to come round to the idea that they are, in fact, a necessity. After all, looking good is all about feeling good, and to feel good, well, you have to take care of yourself to begin with. 

The Clarins treatments are in a league of their own, with specially formulated products that you will only find in the spa itself, and a team of beauty therapists, trained to perform the Clarins Touch, a specialised and skilful massage, adapted to your individual needs and desires. Precise, targeted movements deliver instant and visible results - and you’ll never get the same treatment twice!

After a glass of bubbles and a mooch around the waiting room, I was whisked into a treatment room where my beauty therapist Lisa told me all about the Tri Active Facials. Each facial is totally unique to you. After a skin consultation, involving a chat about how I was feeling about my skin that day, to a quick hands on test looking at toxin build up, puffiness and dehydration, Lisa recommended the Skin Soother, one of five Tri Active Treatments available. So I popped under the heated blanket and waited for the magic to begin.

The Skin Soother is a calming treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised and irritated skin. During my consultation Lisa noted how I had some really dry and stressed out patches of skin, and could tell I had been sleeping on my left because there was a pretty big build up there of toxins and puffiness along that side of my jaw. We started with some relaxation rituals, deep breathing as she moved and manipulated my neck and shoulders, drawing the tension up and out of my body. We then used the Clarins Anti Pollution Professional Method to remove my make-up, pushing down on the pressure points around my face as she went. 

clarins skin spa liverpool review

As if I wasn’t relaxed enough already, I was also treated to a double exfoliation before having my facial massage, then finishing with a face mask. The entire time the lights were dimmed, soft instrumental music played and I seriously had to concentrate on staying awake! I felt like I was melting into the bed itself. Before I knew it, Lisa was bringing me back down to Earth, and boy was I floating! I’d only been on the bed for 25 minutes, a taster session if you will, but the full session? It's a whopping 85 minutes. If that’s how 25 minutes made me feel, imagine what the full 85 minutes could do?

My skin felt amazing, so soft and supple, and stress? What stress? I couldn’t stop touching my face and had to take a minute or two before I felt like I could walk a little more confident than Bambi out of the treatment room. I was glowing, my shoulders loose, my head lighter. 

I couldn’t thank Lisa enough, I had never had such an intense yet relaxing experience before - could someone just please take my money and book me in for the full treatment? Thanks! 
Lifes hard enough, and what I’m starting to discover is just how important it is to take time out away from it, from life, to quite literally hit the pause button and let someone else do all the work for a while. We all need to hit reset every now and then, after all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we really take care of the people we love?

clarins skin spa liverpool review

Now, here’s an early little Christmas present from the Clarins Spa and I to you, to encourage you to make time for you, to take a time out over the holiday season and really hit reset. If you pop along to The Clarins Spa in John Lewis, Liverpool One, and quote BEAUTYBLOGGER then you will receive a lovely 10% off purchases. Be it a facial or another treatment they have on offer, there’s a fair few, just take a look. Book yourself in there and then, or apply the discount to a gift card and come back in the New Year. Treat a friend, treat family, but most importantly, treat yourself. (Discount is only availabe 21st - 28th November 2016).

Do you need to take a time out from life and hit the reset button?

Until next time,  

My taster treatment was kindly provided by Clarins Skin Spa in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own, you can find my disclaimer policy here :)


  1. I'd want the glass of bubbles, but not strangers touching me :D

    Corinne x

  2. Totally agree that we need to take care of ourselves! Love these products!=)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels